Afghanistan Cricket Team is Better Than Pakistan: ACB CEO

In a surprising interview, Afghanistan Cricket Board’s (ACB) interim Chief Executive Officer, Asadullah Khan has claimed Afghanistan cricket to be better than Pakistan in all aspects.

The acting CEO further suggested that Pakistan should seek help from Afghanistan for improving their cricket. He added that Afghanistan can offer better coaches and technical staff as they are currently ‘far better’ than Pakistan.

We are currently far better than Pakistan in cricket & they should ask us for technical, coaching & more support for the betterment of their cricket.

A solitary warm-up win against Pakistan has prompted the ACB official to boast of claims far greater than his cricketing wisdom. For reference, Assadullah Khan has played his cricket in Pakistan. Assadullah also called for the resumption of cricketing ties between the neighboring countries.

I played my initial cricket in Pakistan and acknowledge the overwhelming support of the neighboring country. Formal discussion on bilateral cricket is the domain of the ACB chief. I hope that both boards would find way for cricket ties resumption.

The comment comes at a time when Afghanistan cricket team is placed at the bottom of the table, below Pakistan, with no wins from their 5 games in the World Cup. Pakistan will face Naib-led side on 29th June.

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  • yes their team can be better but it isn’t yet.
    they cannot provide pakistan any good coaches either.they should focus on their own team.I doubt they can even win a single match this worldcup.

    • And hopefully tomorrow Pakistani team will replace their position in points table.

  • It’s true that they have defeated us in a warm-up match,but they can’t claim themselves a greater side than Pakistan.
    1:We have all the three limited overseas titles.
    2:We were the top team in Test format.
    3:We are the current leaders of T20 international.
    4:We have produced a number of legends like Imran Khan,Waseem Akram,Shoaib Akhtar,Waqar Younas Younas Khan,Afridi & many more…
    We have a lot of things to teach them,but they are a small side in front of us,because we are “The Champions”…

  • hahaha indian clown se toh jeet nahi paye jahil indian afghani. Jeeta wa match har gaye loser. Only those afghani who loves PAK only they are real mard rest are na mard clowns.

  • Afghanistan you should shame on this statement because pakistan have taught
    you that how to play cricket , and you are just doing the f..king thing you should shame.
    Its a advice to ACB chairman to take some water in your hand and just drown in it

  • disgraceful statement by Asadullah Khan and a total misrepresentation of Afghan as whole.
    What an embarrassment this guy is for Afghans…

  • Delusional. Afghanistan team has not won a single match in the world cup…like that explains Everything..!

  • I was thinking Pro Pakistani is doing awesome and sharing authentic and true news But it’s not true. there is no interview about afghan cricket CEO said Afghanistan Cricket Team is Better Than Pakistan its a fake news. if it’s true please share a link or video interview. Shame on you. Shame on This type of News. ( ProPakistani #bandali)

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