US Isn’t Happy That PM Imran Wants to Avoid Expensive Washington Hotels

Setting an example, while following his initiative of austerity drive, Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed desire to stay at the ambassador’s official residence in Washington’s diplomatic enclave to avoid expenses on luxury hotels.

The premier will land in the US on July 21 for a 3-day official visit and he is expected to meet President Donald Trump along with other officials.

According to the details, the city administration and the secret service are not receptive to the idea of him staying at the ambassador’s residence considering it might disturb the normal routine of the city’s traffic.

Logistics and Security Issues

With other embassies nearby, the stay might cause a disturbance for the officials of those embassies considering his entourage will have to go through the busy traffic of Washington to hold meetings at the Pakistani embassy. There are a number of high-profile residences along the way between the two places which is the reason why the secret service and the city administration are not in favor of the decision.

The logistics and security issues might prompt Imran Khan and his delegation to stay at VVIP hotels specifically designed for the dignitaries. Some of these hotels include Willard InterContinental, Four Seasons, Wardman Park Marriott, Georgetown, and Ritz Carlton, etc. If he chooses to stay at any of these hotels, it would make life easy for the security teams to protect the dignitary and his delegation.

Another option would be to stay in the suburbs in one of the rich Pakistani-Americans having secured boundary walls, however, Khan and his delegates will have to drive through the busy DC traffic to attend their meetings.

Via Dawn

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  • Itni mehngai ho gie hai bhai tu hotal ka karaya bacha kay kia kamal karay ga.

    Bhai yeh karaya bachanay say or kam khanay say pagal na banao awam ko or bas.

    Ya phir ap airport per hi reh lo sara kharcha bach jie ga kasay ?

      • Bat parnay ki nahi bhai bat yeh hai kay he should focus on making polices that would benefit this nation in long run instead of pulling stunts like that!

        Ap yeh batao what benefit we got as a nation when we sold out buffaloes and cars? What difference it created other than a hype or bad may ap nay rent per cars li. Teh mazak nahi to or kia hai ?

        • When you are so short sighted, how will you see his long run policies?

          People demanding change in 12 months are talking about long run policies. Very funny.

          • Bhaii Jaan main KPK ka hun, kam az mujhsy to yeh baat bardasht nahi hoti ky sirf 12 month mein change….. He is going to complete 10years here!!! Baraye naam Tsunami of billion trees par na jao mujh jaisy sy haqaiiq jano.

        • “Talk about issues” seriously. If you don’t understand Imran Khan then you have nothing to talk about. You are making fun of his selling cars and cows that’s how much wisdom you have so there is nothing much to discuss. In western countries they are held accountable for every penny. My whole family is either in the Army or Government officers and the perks & wastage of money we have are ridiculous & for handful of elites the whole nation pays. IK is changing that & he started from himself. Every single institute of ours is corrupt & incompetent & he will change that. All of this needs at least 10 years if not more but hopefully we will start seeing results in 3 to 4 years. If IK would not have been elected we probably would have drowned from point of no return. There are lots of nations who want to see us destroyed let’s don’t be part of that.

          • Very well said he is starting from himself do you know the amount of tax he paid last year go on have a look because i wont tell here you will think i lied, you are asking to pay tax but you are not paying you are saying everything would get smooth just need some time but if someone asks about the roadmap of how it will get smooth you dont have any. I am not against anyone or in favour of any one but this man is making fool out of us from his rhetorics

          • Bhai aapna whatsapp dena kuch seekhlo aapse IK ke baray mai…. bas itna kahonga wasay esse bara kanjar mai ne aaj tak nhe dekha… nhe tu ajaon tumhe tight se smjhata ho

    • Imran Niazi aisi he dramay bazio main mahir hai. Economy ki ma behen aik kr awam ko pagal bna raha hai is tra ki news say.

      • Economy ki ABC ka pata nahin aur yahan lecture jharne aa jate hain. Apna koi idea bata do jo karna chahiye tha tu phir yahan pe izzat karwane ke liye tayar rehna. Jab loan 6000 se 30000 arab tak gaya tab economy yaad nahin aayee.

        • Jab Ik Container per beth kar lambi lambi baatien choor raha tha us waqat us ka dimag kaha tha. jo aab har cheez per U. turn ly raha hy.
          ImranG Aap to aisay batien kar rahien hain . jesy economy ka sirf aap ko hi pata hy

  • Off course it’s a symbolic gesture but yet strong enough to convey a positive message across the world that how keen our leadership is not to misuse public money when the country is going through financial crisis.

  • When the President of USA visit Pakistan, all the logistics are fucked up in Pakistan and the people of Pakistan have to pay the price.
    Now it’s time for payback.
    If the Pakistani Prime minister want to stay at the Property of Pakistan in Washington then it his right.

  • Prime Minster Imran Khan doesn’t stop surprising us. He is a gift to our nation. We need to bring changes in our lives to sport him and to contribute to our country

  • Samajh nahi ata main hans loon ya ro loon, example bhi dikhaway ka set kia ja raha hai aur sath mein tariqa bhi khud bana rahy hain ky maybe security ki wajah say VVIP jagah par reh lain… Bhai is tarha to Prime minister house bhi talimi idara ban chuka hai aur beroni douray bhi khatam ho gaye thy! Khuda keliye koi bhi siyasat-dan aur bewaquf na banayen awaam ko.

  • The guy wasnt even invited by US and his fans are praising him for stuff that never happened – yet again ( hilarious as ever)

  • People of Pakistan appreciate PM Imran Khan not to unnecessarily waste hard earned money of the country . itā€™s a massage for entire nation as well to stop misuse of public money like what previous criminal rulers use to do.

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