ADB Delegation is Satisfied With Progress on Peshawar BRT: Report

The ill-fated Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit project has faced several delays and development issues over the years. However, the Asian Development Bank (primary investor of the project) seems to be satisfied with its progress.

An ADB delegation visited Peshawar to observe the work on Critical Actions Items (CAI) identified by the bank in its previous report.

During the visit, the delegation held meetings with the officials of the provincial government and Peshawar Development Authority (PDA) and gave a thumbs up on the progress.


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Earlier in February, the lending bank had identified several critical actions items and had asked for specific changes to the original design, a handout from the PDA said.

The same issues were highlighted by the locals of Peshawar when a test run was conducted in December last year.

“The changes in the design by the implementation agency are due to the site constraints and in response to the request from the local communities,” it said.

The draft added that ADB officials were satisfied with the actions taken by Project Management and Construction Supervision Consultant (PMCSC) and the PDA when they visited the city last month.


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It maintained that most of ADB’s requirements had been fulfilled, but a few are still pending.

“Off-corridor road improvement in progress and Kohat Road Terminal land allocation is pending with KP Government,” the executing agency said.

The revised toilet designs, keeping public privacy and gender sensitivity in view, has also been sent to the contractor.


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The presser added that the location for restrooms, as pointed out by the bank, had been changed in addition to updated ticket drawings and a ramp for universal access.

It should be noted that the project was initially announced to be completed in December 2017, but has already missed several deadlines.

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