CDA to Install Smart Traffic Signals in Islamabad

Capital Development Authority (CDA) has announced to install Smart traffic signals around Islamabad which will work depending on the traffic load.

In the first stage, the project aims to install 20 smart signals on various roads in the city, which will be later duplicated across the capital.

The CDA has said that these devices have optical sensors which change the timings of the green and red lights based on the traffic size. These will visually process the amount of vehicles and the timing will be altered automatically. This will decrease the need for physical intervention at traffic intersections and travelers will also profit from reduced wait times.

This step was taken with an aim to boost smooth traffic flow and curb traffic jams at various intersections especially during peak hours. Additionally, 20 display timer devices will be placed at important and major cross-sections.

  • This project started ten years back and they offered a very small amount to Comsats incubation centre to buy their solution but CDA management was willing to offer ten times the price to foriegn vendor.

    They are so quick, achieving it in almost in just one decade.

  • I heard of such a system for the first time almost fifteen years ago from a student of Air University Islamabad. Don’t know why it took these guys so long to implement.

  • Someone plz tell me when the civil work on widening of gulberg to T chowk will be started. It is the remaining part of signal free corridor project from zero point to T chowk Rawat

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