Javaid Miandad Backs Babar Azam to Lead Pakistan Cricket Forward

Following an end to the World Cup campaign, there have been several reports regarding a change in the leadership for the Pakistan cricket team.

Javaid Miandad, who played a crucial role in Pakistan’s World Cup-winning campaign in 1992, claimed that Pakistan must go for a permanent captain right now.

Miandad explained that the only player who is capable of leading Pakistan forward, from the current crop of players, is Babar Azam. He further explained:

The PCB must set their priorities straight on how to improve. And also, must decide whether they want to go back or move forward. We need a fresh start with a new face to lead the team.

Babar Azam remains one of the strongest performers in the last couple of years and he is guaranteed a position in the team irrespective of whether PCB axes players to make room for newcomers or not.

Although Sarfaraz Ahmed’s statistics as a captain remain better than Imran Khan and Misbah-ul-Haq both – two of the most regarded captains in the history of Pakistan cricket – a change is a must due to a lot of Sarfaraz’s shortcomings.

Legendary Miandad also shared his opinions regarding the coach situation. He claimed that PCB must hire a local coach who has played the game in Pakistan, because only then will he be able to understand the structure and build the team accordingly.

If greats like Sir Viv Richards or Sir Ian Terence Botham were brought to the task then one can understand what caliber they can bring in Pakistan cricket, otherwise foreign coaches cannot carry on with our players.


A person, who has played cricket practically all his life, can coach players better than the one who just sits on a computer and analyses things scientifically.

The upcoming months are absolutely crucial for Pakistan cricket as these decisions will lay the foundation of the future of Pakistan cricket.