CAA Withdraws the Decision of Mandatory Baggage Wrapping at Airports

Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) has withdrawn the previous notification of compulsory plastic wrapping of check-in baggage at all airports. According to a notification issued by CAA headquarters (Commercial & Estates Directorate) to Airport Managers, the decision stands canceled with immediate effect.

The decision took strong criticism and backlash from travelers, environmentalists, and opposition parties. Some frequent flyers argued that it should be optional for the passengers. Social media also condemned the original decision because of plastic waste hazard risks.

The shrink wrap was made mandatory for passengers for safety purposes. Price for wrapping each piece of luggage was fixed at Rs 50. New wrapping machines were to be installed at airports at check-in areas for this purpose.

Minister of State for Climate Change, Zartaj Gul Wazir, also shared a video message thanking Secretary Aviation for the reversal of the decision and clarifying that the wrapping is obligatory only for Hajj flights as it was a requirement of Saudi Government.

Minister for human rights also posted the letter with a tweet saying that it was never a federal decision and will ask for an inquiry to investigate how the notification was issued in the first place: