Driverless Cars to be Introduced in Pakistan in the Next Few Years: Fawad Chaudhry

Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhry has said that the PTI government is committed to introducing the latest technologies in Pakistan.

He told a private news outlet that driverless cars will be introduced in the country in the next couple of years in this government’s tenure.

Chaudhry was of the view that the introduction of these advanced cars will lead to reduced road accidents. He assured that 90% of the road accidents will be prevented by the use of self-driving cars.

He said that Google’s autonomous car program is near completion and Pakistan has the infrastructure to welcome such initiatives in the country.

The minister also highlighted the need for modernization in government institutions especially the Police, saying that technology integration can help achieve good governance.

What are your thoughts on the introduction of self-driving vehicles in Pakistan? Let us know in the comments section.

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  • “Couple of years” = a couple of decades just like 4G
    Btw, people can’t even afford a bloody Alto given your government’s price hikes and taxes, how do you expect them to pay for an autonomous car?
    And please don’t lecture us on the importance of taxes; we have all being paying taxes on just about everything in the form of sales tax and other misc duties. What do we get in return from the government? Lawlessness? Police gardi? Load shedding? Dirty cities? Leaking gutters? Dirty water or no water for that matter? No healthcare?

    • Pakistan’s largest Telco., PTCL acquired our state owned company, and kept it on 2G/3G. The PTCL is more of a PR company with advertisements, and large claim. Non compliance of the UN Broad Band Sustainable Development Goals PTCL would always remain behind.

  • Science Minister giving good news for us. However, in Sargodha City there is no traffic law, traffic wardens always stand in tree shadow and traffic remain block specially in 73 A Satellite Town ( Punjab College Chowk ), 47 Pul Chowk etc. I request to DC Sargodha, Traffic Incharge Sargodha about traffic wardens. All traffic wardens must be sent on leave because they are not performing their duties. They only fill the chalan and not providing facilitation to traffic flow. Please you must action on my request for good traffic flow in these areas.

  • This is a great thing that science ministry is in action. We need new tech because we are already behind every country who were using latest tech to make life easier.

  • I think they should launch Curiosity Rover in Pakistan. we should stand because of our road conditions similar to Mars.
    and Bytheway AI is not that that advance to take decision when suddenly our road Heros like Rickshaw driver brakes in the middle of the road to pick another passenger.

    Apart from this, the CARS Pakistan consider so-called luxuries are litterly “RULLING” in New York streets.

  • Yeah this is a good step and less risk of traffic accidents while first we have o build better roads otherwise this a good initiative

    • Recently Uber Worldwide signed MOU with an international group which makes flying cars that would Take Off on the road from mid traffic roads and take passengers. The cost of the road building, the specs., of the road carpetingmaterial, the tenders, the earnest monies, the bank guarantees provided to the respective authorities for building the roads etc., etc., The tenders are usually invited in spring Feb., March and opened March, April. The execution time is March, April when it is ready handed over before the monsoon rains. Due to global climate Change we’re in the era of Rain washes the roads. Hence another tender will be opened in Feb.March for new road construction/repair. This goes on.

  • Government to launch Taxi Drones Service programme. First country in the world to provide such service to its public.

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