Pakistan’s Own E-payment Gateway is Almost Ready: Fawad Chaudhry

The Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry has said that the ministry has developed an e-payment gateway in the country.

In a statement on Wednesday, he said that a test-launch was pending due to incomplete back-end work on the platform which needed more time.

In order to launch it immediately, we will need support from China.


SBP to Set Up a Rs 200 Million e-Payment Gateway Solution

He added that having Pakistan’s own e-payment system will help document the economy and that the ministry was heading in the right direction in this regard.

Note that the minister had announced to launch a mobile payment system in Pakistan in May this year, days after introducing the country’s first Hijri calendar and a moon-sighting application.

Via: GNN

  • Banks charge way too much for interbank transfers so this is a good thing if it actually happens. A common API for bank and mobile money transfers would be a good thing. I doubt they are as visionary as that but one can hope.

  • Who else thinks that this fat potato drama queen is a compulsive liar with fake and made up statements.
    Ps: i am a supporter of PTI but lets face it Fawad ch is an idiot.

    • Woh bhi idher a kar so gay hain. I hear last year that they have done agreement with local bank. But nothing after that. Lagta kuch kasoor hamara he hai bhai.

      Koi internationally recognized payment process yahan nai ata. Kuch tu hai masla.

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