Boys & Girls Can No Longer Stand Together in Bacha Khan University [Updated]

Update: Bacha Khan University has backtracked from its decision to ban mixed sitting and mingling of male and female students on campus.

The notification has been withdrawn by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dr. Saqlain Naqvi, saying that an inquiry has been initiated against the Assistant Chief Proctor, who issued the notification without consulting the senior administration.

Following the directives which made abaya compulsory for female students in Abbottabad, Bacha Khan University, Charsadda has issued a notice that mixed sitting of students is not allowed in the university premises.

Girls and boys are not allowed to sit or stand together according to the new notification. Those found violating the rule will be fined by the university administration.

According to media reports, the notification has been issued following complaints from the parents. The university administration believes that the step will curb indecent activities which result from mixed sitting on-premises. In addition, the decision came after students misbehaved with a teacher, GNN News reported.

The universities in Pakistan are used to imposing such rules for its students. From the six-inch rule to ban on mixed gatherings and wearing jeans, there have been plenty of such notices in recent times.

The backlash from students and social media on mandatory abaya rule made the KP Education department change its decision. The same can be expected from the students of Bacha Khan University.

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    • Thats not the point. The point is that universities should teach us how to behave professionally in our careers. And hence the environment that we are exposed to in our universities should mimic the environment we will go into when we step inside the professional world. And in our professional careers there will be numerous instances where we will need to interact with the opposite gender in order to get work done. Hence universities should train us to be responsible professional adults rather than just asking us to memorize textbooks and keeping us in a bubble of the same gender.

  • Keeping university a place to get education is a good move. As it’s not a place for socialising or finding partners

    • WOW sane people still exist how is this possible? aur dekho liberal perverts ne ap ko kitne downvote kia kiyon ke bhi ab yahi hona hai jo sach bole ga haq baat karega usse ko bura bhala kaha jaye ga.

  • @Sajawal, why this rule is “absurd”. We are “MUSLIMS”, and in Islam, women are not allowed to sit with “Na-Mehrams”. Please use your words wisely.

  • Idk what itch they have with universities these days :D We hear about incidents in Madaaris where male and female don’t even exist together, no mullah talks about that but yeah let’s bash universities.

  • Sajawal it’s ironic if u find this absurd. if u r Muslim following references would be enough and if u r not, u should be writing this article. Kindly take ur words back if u have any respect for Quran and Sunnah..

    Among the many proofs of prohibition of the meeting and mixing of men and women in the Qur’aan and Sunnah are:

    Verse No. 53 of Surat al-Ahzab, or the Confederates (Interpretation of the meaning); “…for anything ye want, ask them from before a screen: that makes for greater purity for your hearts and for theirs…”

    Abu Usayd al-Ansari narrated that he heard Allah’s Messenger (May peace and blessings be upon him) say to the women on his way out of the mosque when he saw men and women mixing together on their way home:
    ‘Give way (i.e., walk to the sides) as it is not appropriate for you to walk in the middle the road.’ Thereafter, women would walk so close to the wall that their dresses would get caught on it.

    • I have updated the article, however, you have no right to question whether I’m a Muslim or not. And, I sincerely hope that you adhere to Islamic principles in YOUR daily life as well.

      • Dear sajawal…Don’t anger on asking you the queation that are you a muslim? Make yourself a good listner and whenever you want to become a Mufti and explains your ideas about Islam…This is not a releigion you made…When Allah direct us not to set with Na Mehram then worry about your secular thinking..This is absolutely not our Muslim state rules…These rules in the universities have been made by the English liberals…Be Muslim

  • People should be able to send their daughters to university without having to worry about them. If they don’t have that confidence, then they will be taken out of the universities. We shouldn’t follow the whites way of life.

  • It should be done according to islamic rule. Abaya ,hijab should be mandatory for whole muslim ummah at least in pakistan in every institution.

  • If such grave is the concern of co-ed, then they better get separate campus for females.
    Groom male and female students about social ethics and not only teach them regular subjects.

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