Motorway Police Takes Action After Official’s Mistreatment Video Goes Viral

DIG National Highways and Motorway Police, Mohammad Alam Shinwari has launched an inquiry into the matter of a viral video wherein an official was seen mistreating a citizen. He has also suspended the official in question, adding the remaining details of the case will be made public once the inquiry is completed.

According to the details, Motorway Police stopped a citizen for overspeeding. He was, however, not pleased at their alleged discriminatory behavior as they allowed other overspeeding cars to go through without stopping them.

You can watch the video here:

The motorist also alleged that the Motorway Police officials let another person go before him without any fine. He filmed the whole incident, however, an official from fine collection unit tried to snatch his phone after repeatedly asking him to stop recording. The mobile phone fell from his hands during the process, however, the incident’s video is making rounds on social media and the public is showing their anger.

The incident took place on GT Road between Mandra and Gujar Khan.

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  • The citizen must understand that checking and challan is always sample-based. The resources are limited and they can’t challan everyone.

    • What write did they had to beat him up trying to snatch his phone and how is it illegal to film on duty police officers ?

  • of course everyone cannot be challaned .maybe the police officer did not see or did not react fast enough when the other car sped through.
    there are always some people who get away.who knows,maybe the over speeder might get challaned at another station. the citizen must accept that it’s his fault before pointing fingers at others
    yes, the officer who tried to snatch should be fined as everyone is free to use their mobile as they like.

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