Islamabad Introduces RFID Number Plates

In a bid to meet global standards, enforce traffic regulations and curb auto theft, Islamabad is introducing Radio frequency identification (RFID) plates for cars.

A government official, while talking to the media, said that this would help boost revenue collection as it will help authorities trace defaulters. The project was discussed and finalized after meetings between Islamabad Excise Department and the Islamabad Safe City Project and then the proposal was sent to the Interior Ministry for approval.

The initiative was conceived after the excise department discovered that it is impossible to introduce uniform registration plates in the country due to multiple hurdles. Due to the 18th amendment, the power of the excise department has been devolved to the provinces and the federal government can’t intervene.

This is coupled with the fact that to revert the changes, amendments are needed in the Constitution. Furthermore, the excise departments at the provincial level have their own agreements with various manufacturers for registration plates and it would be hard to cancel them.

Excise Department Director Bilal Azam told the media that RFID would be used as a third number plate and placed on the vehicles’ front windscreen.

He added that if the RFID is removed the signal would be lost allowing police and officials of the Safe City control room to categorize these cars as stolen or having fake or duplicate plates.

  • A car theif can simply take off the plates and the location tracking will be of no use

    • yes, thank you for repeating the last sentences of the article, your reply was very helpful. Keep it up mate.
      Kindly read the last sentences again.The new plates will be very helpful.

  • Good decision to protect the cars of the people.this is good governance system.the peoples who have the cars they know the value of this service.

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