Sindh Assembly Wants at least 6 Players From Sindh in National Team

Following Sarfaraz Ahmed’s sacking as Pakistan’s captain and the latest announcement of the team for Australia tour, the members of the Sindh Assembly are not happy.

The legislators have demanded the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to reserve a quota for players from Sindh and reverse its decision of removing Sarfaraz as captain of the Men in Green.

According to the details, an MQM MPA, Mohammad Hussain moved the resolution asking the PCB to at least select 6 players from the province in addition to reinstating Sarfaraz Ahmed as captain.

It is worth mentioning that no player from Karachi has been selected for the tour to Australia and hence the uproar from Karachi-based journalists and now politicians. Sindh Information Minister, Saeed Ghani has also called on the cricket board to keep Sarfaraz as the leader of the team.

Earlier, an MPA in Punjab Assembly had tabled a resolution to remove Sarfaraz from captaincy following the poor outcome of home series against Sri Lanka.

What are your thoughts on the resolution? Should there be a quota for players from each region? Let us know in the comments section.

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  • Player should be selected based on merit if they don’t show performance they will be kicked out irrespective of wherever they are from no quota system in it should be allowed.Dont try to politicize PCB.

  • Why? Then put 6 from Baluchistan, 6 from Punjab, 6 from KP, 6 from GB, 6 from AJK and make it a team of 36 players. Bilawal is always high on bhang

    • Very right, and then Punjab may ask for 18 players out of these 36 because Punjab is half the size of Pak. this is all non sense. Sarfraz was kicked out on merit. however Asad Shafiq is in the team and I guess he is from Karachi.

  • Thank you PCB for sacking pathetic Sarfraz, he cant speak, cant score runs and shouts at fellow players on LIVE tv. Sarfraz was a walking shame for Pak. Thx God.

  • Instead of Misbah ul Haq to be shunted off from his position,the axe fell on the sacrificial goat Sarfraz.It seem that Shahzad and Umar inclusion was the sole decision of Sarfraz and we lost due to our batting collapse and the third T20 was lost for some ulterior motive.Removal news was circulating and finally injustice done.

  • In future, Sind Assembly will pass a resolution to have elected parliamentarians to be inducted in cricket team. What right these non-elected 11-players have to represent Pakistan when the people have not elected them? It is the right of only parliament members to play cricket for Pakistan

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