United to Launch an Automatic Variant of Bravo

In the first quarter of 2020, United Motors Private Limited will be introducing an automatic variant of the United Bravo in the local car market. United Bravo is an 800 cc hatchback car and is the only one that is completely manufactured in Pakistan.

Recently, United Motors introduced some new features in its Bravo model which are:

  • Matching side view mirrors and door handles
  • Improved seat fabrics
  • Spare wheel
  • 3 new body colors
  • Enhanced suspension

After the addition of these new features, the price of United Bravo increased by Rs. 60,000, adding to its current price of Rs. 985,000 in the local market. The new United Bravo can be booked for Rs. 200,000 and the delivery time expected to be 20-25 days.

The automatic variant of United Bravo will add value to the 800 cc car segment. At the moment, the only 800 cc automatic car available is the Suzuki Alto.

United Motors Private Limited has not yet disclosed the introductory price of the automatic variant of the United Bravo.


  • “….the only 800 cc automatic car available is the Suzuki Alto.”…. Isn’t it a 660 cc variant instead o 800 cc? Please cross-check the info before posting it :)

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