Asad Wahid Makes Pakistan Proud, Sets Long Range Shooting Record in the UK

Pakistani marksman, Asad Wahid has been scaling new heights in long-range shooting, becoming the first-ever Pakistani passport holder to be appointed as the national F class rifle team’s Adjutant Officer in Great Britain.

Not just this, Asad also holds a number of national records and awards to his name, including the following:

  • Great Britain National F class Champion (F T/R)
  • Top Gun UK Champion
  • GB National Pennine Challenge Champion (F T/R)
  • GB National Northern F-class Champion (F T/R)
  • GB National Highland Challenge Champion (F T/R)
  • Runner UP GB Long Range Challenge (F T/R)
  • 5th Place European Championship
  • Top Gun Champion (2018)

He became the national UK champion in the long-range shooting recently, the award ceremony for which will be held on Sunday to award him the champion’s title.

Asad’s success at the international level is a great inspiration for not just Pakistanis but for others as well. Talking to ProPakistani, the marksman felt honored to achieve all these awards and urged more Pakistanis to take up the sport and make a name for not just themselves on the international stage, but for their country as well.

Feature Writer

  • Ma sha Allah ,very proud of you Asad brother .Many congratulations.

    May you get to win the word title one day in your long range shooting ,and I hope you teach your skills to other youngsters looking to follow your footsteps,in sha Allah

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