RPO Bahawalpur Orders All Officers to Pray 5 Times a Day or Get Transferred

The Regional Police Officer (RPO) Bahawalpur Region, Fayaz Ahmed Dev, has reportedly directed his subordinate officers to offer their prayers five times a day.


He made these remarks while addressing his staff earlier this week.

As per unconfirmed reports on social media, RPO Fayaz strictly ordered the officers and staff working under his command to perform namaz consistently or transfer to another region.

Those who were unable to do so may get themselves transferred elsewhere. Anybody who is not loyal to my Allah will not be loyal to me.

In another statement, Fayaz said that his office is open for both the public and his staff, and anyone coming to discuss their problems will be equally entertained.

The doors to my office are always open to common people, as well as to all employees. Anyone can approach the RPO office by forwarding a request to their respective officer for any personal, collective problem-solving, on a priority basis. The issue will be resolved, keeping the departmental policy in mind.

Note that Fayaz Ahmed Dev was posted in Bahawalpur as a regional police officer during a recent bureaucracy overhaul. He is a reputed police officer and known for his determined attitude.


  • Thats Good, and ulaama say Deen mai koi sakti ni, zabardasti ni, and now we setting exemple that Taliban Era in afghanistan was a kind of riyasat e madina,

    • Did you ever try to understand what “Deen me koi Zabardasti nai” even means? :) Because if you did, you wouldn’t have posted this comment.

      • It looks what u did.u think everybody must had it same . Dnt come with the molvi tafseer that is se Allah ki muraad kia ha . By the word it says koi zabardasti ni . The only thing people can do tell you its benefit and that its ur duty . Not by this transfer threat . Not one bit .An educated person will simply say mai jaanu mera kuda .and u will end up loosing more namazi .

        • nhe mere sohny cho tiye, koi educated aise nhe kahy ga. sirf tjh jaise cho tiye hi kahain ge.

          • Hahha . Jo naam kud pe tu ne rakka ha woi bata raha ha k tu kon ha .or baki kyun aese lag rahe tuje .so no worries buddy .enjoy mar

  • What the actual f**k? No officer has the right to interfere in or dictate the personal lives of his subordinates. This is completely unprofessional and this RPO needs to be educated on exactly how far his authority extends.

    If you defend this, then just remember you’re encouraging authoritarian behaviour among police officers and it could come back to bite you.

  • This is crazy. Religion is your personal belief. You practice they way you find it fit you your understanding. It is between you & your God. As a senior you guide, suggest & most importantly set an example for others to follow. However, imposing your religious ritual & exercise is not promoted to anyone. This is very basic. I think this officer should be removed from duty. Otherwise his religious bias will play role in determining behaviors of his police force including other who will interact with him. W

  • lol… pagal panay ki inteha hogai… namaz parho bas aur dunya ke sare gunahon se chutkara hojayega… is qom ka koi haal nai hai

  • This low life scum RPO should be removed from his post immediately. He’s absolutely not fit to serve.

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