Kia to Change Its Logo Design For New Cars: Report

The Korean automaker, Kia’s traditional oval logo may finally be gone according to the recent trademark filings by the auto company with the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS).

While the new stylized avatar in both red and black is pending approval with the local authorities, the new logos have surfaced on different news websites and social media. The logo truly does justice to the evolution of the auto company over the years.

Earlier this year, the German automaker, Volkswagen had also changed its corporate logo.

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According to the details, Kia has applied for the reimagined logo’s trademark in November, however, the automaker initially applied for these logos with KIPRIS in July earlier this year.

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The new logo looks very similar to the one which appeared on Kia Imagine at the Geneva Motor Show 2019, however, the only difference is that it was illuminated in white unlike the new logo’s black and red.

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It remains to be seen whether Kia eschews the new logo on all its models considering there are reports that only the hybrid and electric vehicles will bear the fresh logo.

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