Violent Crimes in Islamabad Decreased 16% in 2019: ICT Police

Islamabad Police has released official statistics of violent crimes for 2019 and it shows a decrease of 16% in crime rates when compared with 2018.

Since the appointment of Amir Zulfikar as the department’s IG, Islamabad Police has doubled down on criminal elements in the city. Although some citizens believe that the crime rates went up last year, it might be due to the fact that crimes are now being widely reported at social media platforms and also because some users with a large fan base try to subvert the due process of the law by exerting unnecessary pressure.

The unraveling of Major Laraib’s murder serves as a testament to the performance of capital police during the past year. Taking nothing away from the achievements of Islamabad Police in 2019, here are the detailed statistics released by the capital police.

Violent Crimes Statistics for 2019

Heads 2018 2019 Decrease
Murders 119 106 10.92%
Kidnappings for Ransom 2 1 50%
Dacoity 40 28 30%
Robberies 398 367 7.79%
382 PPC 108 71 34.26%
Burglaries 365 279 23.56%
Accidents 158 142 10.13%
Total 1190 994 16.47%


The Anti-Car Lifting Cell (ACLC) of Islamabad Police apprehended 140 car lifters in 2019, retrieving 160 stolen or snatched cars and 29 bikes.

Initiatives of Capital Police in 2019

During 2019, Islamabad Police inaugurated a citizen facilitation center for the swift resolution of complaints. The facilitation center also has a dedicated desk for overseas Pakistanis. The department also launched Mobile facilitation vans to serve citizens at their doorsteps.

Last year, Amir Zulfikar also directed the personnel deployed at check-posts to wear body cameras. The footage of the cameras is linked to the Safe City Command and Control Center. A new unit named Shaheen Squad comprising of 12 bikes and 24 police officers was also formed.

Here’s the detailed Crime Statement 0f 2019 at Islamabad Police’s website