PCB CEO Confirms Whether Pakistan Will Go to India for T20 World Cup

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) CEO, Wasim Khan, has denied reports that Pakistan cricket team will not be traveling to India if they don’t visit Pakistan for Asia Cup.

The 2021 World T20 is scheduled in India whereas Asia Cup will be played later this year with Pakistan securing the hosting rights. India, however, is unlikely to travel to the Pakistan due to political reasons.


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Khan said that his remarks are being used out of context, saying that Pakistan will not miss any ICC event.

This has been completely taken out of context. [The threat to pull out] is absolutely incorrect. What I would like to say is that we are concerned about security issues and also there could be issues in attaining visas. But we are confident that things will ease out over the period of time.

Talking about hosting Asia Cup, he said that the Asian Cricket Council will have to decide on the matter.

Even though we would still want to host the Asia Cup in Pakistan, the Asian Cricket Council needs to decide on what it will do about the matches involving India.

Pakistan aims to host major ICC events in the near future as well with a number of potential visits by top teams slated between 2020 and 2022.

Do you think Pakistan should skip the 2021 World T20 if India doesn’t play Asia Cup in Pakistan? Let us know in the comments section.

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  • are you in a position to take a stance :) These CEOs are just puppets nothing more they would do what is in the best interest of the business even if they have to sacrifice hosting Asia Cup. I guess its decided already waiting for the right moment to announce…………

  • Before talking about ICC event, one should remember that last Asia Cup was shifted from India to UAE as Pakistan had refused to travel to India. Its possible that India will refuse to travel to Pakistan as well for Asia cup. But when it comes to ICC events, its a different story. ICC will not shift the venue due to one country’s reservations. Lets wait till 2021 and see how things unfold. Similarly lets wait till August to see how things unfold.

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