Senate Passes Bill for 6 Month Maternity & 3 Month Paternity Leaves

The Senate has passed the Maternity and Paternity Leave Bill, 2018, which calls for a paid leave of 6 and 3 months for maternity and paternity respectively.

PPP’s Quratulain Marri proposed the bill in the upper house of the Parliament. While the bill was passed with a majority, senators from the ruling party, PTI, opposed the bill.


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The proposed bill, which if passed in the National Assembly, will become effective for all public and private sector organizations of the federal capital territory.

The employees of every establishment shall be provided six-month paid maternity and three-months paternity leave as and when applied by employees, separately from their leave account, commencing from the date as applied by the applicant in the application and supported by a medical certificate.

Minister for Economic Affairs, Hammad Azhar, didn’t like the idea of a new bill saying that the current law gives a 90-day maternity leave to female employees whereas the male employees in the public sector can avail a total of 48 leaves in a year.


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He said that 3-months paternity leave is a little too much, suggesting the lawmakers to reduce it to 15 days.

The proposed bill aims to give fathers much-needed break from work to be with their families in times of need. New parents can also get additional unpaid leave of up to one month, as per the proposed bill.

Do you think the law should be passed and implemented in all public and private institutions? Let us know in the comments section.

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  • It’s Good But Not Good for Private Employee (Us K Bad Jab Wapis Ayenge to Kuch Din Bad Nikale Jayenge Ya Itna Tang Kiya Jayega K Khud Chale Jayenge)
    HR Ki BlackMilling Janta Ho : bHAAEEEEEEE

    • Yeah, 15 Days Leave On First Month Then 7 Days Leave Next Two Month :
      It’s Better then 3 Month Leave for Male :

    • Do you know taking care of wife & infant is purely husband’s responsibility and not of parents and sibling as is the case in Pakistan. What if a couple is living alone hundreds of miles away from their other family members?

      My wife is with her parents since last 2 months after childbirth because I could get only 5 days paternity leaves and there was no way she could spend whole day alone with the infant. This is cruel in fact

      • 3 months paternity leave is very well justified. 1 month before birth to take care of wife as during that time, women are almost handicapped and need an attendant. Remaining two months for the postpartum period.

        All workaholics should have some heart and avoid being over-efficient at the cost of the efforts of their parents or siblings who will take care of your fmily as a moral or societal norm, which is your responsibility in real.

        • well your facts are truly considerable. But I must say 3 months should be given but private institutions will call out randomly for any work.
          A fairly 2 months is justified either rather than 15 days!

  • It should be 3 months whole (including weekends) for women and 15 working days for men (meaning three weeks if both weekends are off).

  • They should make it 15 days and exclude gazetted holidays. This will make it 3 weeks which in my view is enough as paternity leaves.

  • doston, this if approved only going to be implemented in ISLAMABAD, read following carefully.

    The proposed bill, which if passed in the National Assembly, will become effective for all public and private sector organizations of the federal capital territory.

  • Yes this bill should pass. It’s very helpful for the employee who are working out stations.

  • Very well appreciated… We finally picked something good up from the western civilization who are not cruel to their own people and value Work life balance…. This will be very helpful to the majority, I just hope k hamare waldain apne larko ko itni tameez sikha dain aur itna ghairatmand bana dain k woh apni biwi aur bacho ka khayal karna apna farz samjhain na k susraal chorr ae. Pata chale biwi bacha susraal chor k khud party maarne nikle hon :p….

  • TIP – This is Pakistan LOL
    There are other very important matters to address, this is impractical for private Companies.

    • Irrespective to this we must obsolete the negative workaholic culture within premises, if talking about western aspects than all issues must be raised.

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