60-Year-Old Man from Khanewal is Pregnant According to Lab Reports

There’s always a first, isn’t it?

How about a man carrying a child in his womb? Nah, that’s absurd … it’s only possible in movies like Junior, a 1994 rom-com in which Dr. Alex Hesse (read Arnold Schwarzenegger) carried pregnancy in his own body as part of a fertility research project.

Coming back to the point, a 60-year-old man in Khanewal has been declared pregnant by a lab after his reports showed his urine pregnancy test to be positive.

Positive is the most negative word in 2020, I read a few days back in some meme. It’s actually true for Allah Ditta, who must have had a heart attack when he found out that he’s carrying a baby.


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Well, he isn’t and thanks to the report, the lab’s bogus testing and illegal operations have come to the limelight. The lab’s owner, Amin, has since been arrested following the raid by District Commissioner and the Police.

The lab, which is located opposite to the District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital Khanewal, has been sealed after confirmation from the health department that the owner doesn’t have a license to operate.

Samaa News has reported that the owner of the lab has been handed over to the Police who are investigating the matter further.

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  • Lab technician/owner may not be qualified in this particular case but being a doctor If I see pregnancy test positive (male urine sample of course), I will consider it seriously. Urine pregnancy test is the detection of HCG hormone in urine. HCG is elevated in certain types of testicular cancers, endocrine cancer and is typically much elevated in progressing kidney failure. So male urine can definitely test positive for pregnancy.

  • What rubbish heading and click-bait article. What’s going on PP? Have u become Haqeeqat TV or what?

  • yea, it’s kind of news but not an article. Anyhow in the present era, anything could be possible.

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