Criminals Are Using Face Masks to Dodge Karachi Police

Karachi has witnessed a sharp rise in street crimes during the second phase of the coronavirus lockdown, where dacoits easily dodge the police by wearing face masks.

The provincial government, when allowing limited movement during the day across the city, made face masks compulsory in the metropolis. The tactic, however, worked in favor of muggers and snatchers than for Karachiites.

It has been observed that dacoits have been making easy escapes after robberies, snatchings, and in the provincial capital. Just last week, a video went viral in which dacoits were looting a food delivery boy in broad daylight in Nazimabad.


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Another incident was reported in the Federal B Area, where a woman was robbed of Rs. 60,000 cash and other valuables during another daylight robbery.

As per the monthly street crime report issued by the Citizen Police Laison Committee (CPLC) for the month of April, over 2,000 bikes were snatched or stolen while 832 Mobile Phones were snatched during the last month.


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At least 27 people have been killed in various incidents, and 69 four-wheelers were snatched/stolen during the outgoing month in different parts of the city. This is despite a strict lockdown in the port city, with police guarding the roads along with rangers in some parts.

Out of these, the police have recovered 26 motorcycles, two four-wheelers, and 26 Mobile phones, the report said.