Pakistan is Furious About #ColonelKiBiwi & Her Abuse of Power [Video]

Power abuse is a very real thing everywhere in the world and even more so in Pakistan.

We have all experienced incidents where the powerful always have their say no matter whether they’re right or wrong. Recently, a video of a woman went viral on social media where she was seen abusing an ordinary policeman for doing his duty.

The brave Police officer stood his ground despite her claiming to be the wife of a powerful Army officer. One of the duty officers recorded the video of the whole incident and today, it is all over the internet. With hashtags like #کرنل_کی_بیوی, #ColonelKiBiwi, and #COAS, everyone in Pakistan is demanding that she should be punished for her arrogant behavior.

If you haven’t seen the video, watch it here:

As per some social media users, she is the wife of Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Farooq Khan. The misbehaving woman repeatedly used the Army card to pressurize the Police officers on Hazara Motorway where there the road was closed off due to some reason.

Despite the fact that the Police officer was talking in a respectful way, the Colonel’s wife called him names and forcefully broke the barrier to get going on her way.


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The whole incident has sparked plenty of debate on the matter with a vast majority of the users bashing the woman while urging the Chief of Army Staff to take notice. As per the reports, the COAS has already taken notice of the matter.

Let’s have a look at what the people are saying:

On a lighter note.

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  • All Patwaris, Liberals and traitors of Pakistan stated this trend. They should be ashamed of this trend.
    What about Widows of Martyrs and those officers who are defending you at the border?. The real wives of Army officers are respectable women.
    Dont be like a traitor patwari. We should defend our forces at all costs. They are our pride.

    • It seems that you don’t understand the reason behind this trend.No one is saying that wives of army officers are not respectable.The point of this trend is to highlight the abuse of power in Pakistan.This trend is actually positive as everyone who abuses their power will now think twice before doing anything stupid.

    • No one is above the law and all authorities should be respected.We are all equal,right?

    • It explains our law, if some ordinary person (man or woman) behaves like this then the cops will beat the sh*t out of him and then put him in the jail with a lot of cases on him.

  • Don’t drag army into this and also punish those act like they are above law police should’ve arrest them on gun point if they are violating the laws.

  • Salute to Colonel Jisne Itna Khatarnaak Atom_Bomb 25* Saaal Se Sambhal Raha hai :

  • These things will happen when you glamourise the persons/departments who are just doing their duty and getting paid for it. Do not ever give unnecessary respect or protocol to anyone no matter what they are, they are doing what they have signed up for.

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