Romanian PM Gets Fined While Governor Sindh Flouts Social Distancing Rules

Despite the Federal government urging the general public to follow precautionary measures amid rising Coronavirus cases, Governor Sindh, Imran Ismail, went to Lyari over the weekend to distribute sports articles among the youth of Lyari, flouting social distancing SOPs issued by the government.

Flanked with PTI MNAs Aftab Siddiqui, Shakoor Shad, and other party leaders, Imran Ismail gave boxing gloves, footballs, and cricket kits to the youth of the area once dominated by gangs.

Here Imran Ismail can be seen among a giant crowd with virtually no social distancing, face masks, and gloves.

While the purpose of the Governor’s visit was to promote sporting activities among the youth of Lyari, he might have contributed to the spread of disease in an underdeveloped area.

This isn’t the first time Governor Sindh has blatantly disregarded social distancing SOPs. In late April, Imran Ismail had tested positive for COVID-19 after visiting interior Sindh to meet the elderly. Imran Ismail, however, was quick to shift the blame on to the people of interior Sindh and said:

People of Interior Sindh have not been educated about the Coronavirus. During my visit, they came very close to me due to which I contracted coronavirus.

While Pakistani politicians are showing complete disdain for the SOPs in public, Romanian Prime Minister, Ludovic Orban, has been fined $600 for smoking indoors while not adhering to social distancing rules amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

According to reports, Ludovic Orban had invited several cabinet members and friends to celebrate his 57th birthday on May 25. However, a picture of Orban having a good time with friends went viral, drawing criticism from all around.

A statement issued from the office of Romanian PM read:

The Prime Minister knows rules must be obeyed by all citizens, regardless of their position. If the law is broken then sanctions must be enforced. The Prime Minister is willing to pay the fine for smoking indoors, which has been banned in Romania since 2016.