#WeStandWithPTA: A Paid Trend or Nation Showing Confidence in PTA After PUBG Ban?

In a detailed judgment, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has decided to continue the ban on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile.


The decision came after the Islamabad High Court (IHC) had directed the internet regulator to lift the ban on popular battle royale game with immediate effect. PTA issued a press release on Monday in this regard, which said:

PTA has issued a detailed order regarding blocking of online game PlayerUnknown’s Battle Ground (PUBG). The order has been issued in accordance with Islamabad High Court’s orders after a hearing conducted by PTA on July 9 and in accordance with the provisions of PECA 2016.

“PTA provided an opportunity of hearing to concerned parties including PUBG’s lawyers. As per the order of the Authority, the PUBG game shall remain blocked in Pakistan. PTA has also approached PUBG management to inform about a suitable framework to address key concerns. No response has been received from PUBG so far”, it further read.


PTA Announces to Retain Ban on PUBG Mobile

The decision has received a mixed response with game lovers bashing the authority whereas others are praising PTA for enforcing its decision.

#WeStandWithPTA is currently one of the top trends with people sharing their views on the subject.

Others are calling it a paid trend.

What are your thoughts on the trend? Let us know in the comments section.


  • look like writer has been paid lafa for as yesterday there was 1 Million retweets for #imrankhanunbanpubg us time kha tha tuhar article #discriminantpropakistani

    • Do you even follow our stories? Have a look at how many trends we have covered in favor of PUBG.

      • Actually PTA have zero marketing sense because they have opportunity on 9 july hearing to register pubgm in pakistan but they fool relate this game islam without any proof which they try to show bad image of game and now they expecting cooperate from pubg side

      • I request you to visit twitter once again and please write a story on a new trend. Thanks

    • It’s not their job to moderate the news to your taste. They just report the stories they think are interesting and the reader is left to come to their conclusion. Personally, even if this article was incorrect it does not imply they pose any kind of malicious intent or that they are incompetent. It’s just difficult to keep track of trends in this day and age.

  • This #WeStandWithPTA trend is just ridiculous. Instead of providing mental health facilities to the people suffering from the condition they blame it on a game. And for the people who believe the research about the harmful effect of games should also research the millions of papers that disprove these claims.

  • You have lost your credibility on informing correct news. And shame on you. Don’t try to play with people’s minds when we have clear cut sense. Out of the total votes on this matter since yesterday 1% stand with PTA and 99% against. Trust me I crunched the bare minimum numbers otherwise that 1% would be less. Now you are supposed to be more credible than me. So it begs the questions, are you blind? Did you not see? Or is it worse that you were asked to write this article?

    Forever unsubscribed.

    • Please by all means dont play any FPS game or watch movies or anything for that matter then because they are more violent than PUBG and causes us to sit in a similar position.

      We need technology to develop this is not the era of gilli danda

  • Even in this trend, which is clearly seen to be started by some paid media cell, 80%+ tweets are in the favor of PUBG and against PTA.
    But headlines matters for lafafa.

  • after seeing this trend post on propakistani now its confirmed its paid trend and also paid article .. why you didn’t post article about lastday and today top trending #1 pubgkholo ??

  • Seems like PTA officials are not just illiterate, idiots and have outdated knowledge but also are corrupt.

  • PTA = Idiot baba’s who want to justify the taxpayer cash they’re eating is someway of good purpose… They just want a win and dance in front of Govt that they achieved something, in reality, they are ignorant baba’s who don’t know A.B.C of digital world… If this game is such a bad game, tell me why American parents are paying tutors to teach their kids more technical aspets of these games?

  • And hey, no one bash propakistani team here okay…

    I’ve followed these guys for years and their news are reliable… Even when they sponsored anything, they let you know in advance…

    They’re extremely professional news source, I’ve seen them giving news against and win both sides on any kind of case, and I respect them for that…

    And pro team, keep up the good work… :)

  • The most unfortunate thing is that PTA decided to create so many hatred and ridicule towards and institute just to protect the ego of some employees…. It’s not just a ban on a game it’s a prcedent which can haunt us in the future where people can block whatever they want without any legal explanation….

  • Yeah….
    Although im a major COD player…why tge heck🤔
    This is just crippling imagination and inovation of children

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