Spectating the Pak Vs Afg T20 World Cup LIVE in Dubai

The COVID-19 pandemic caused many countries to shut down their doors for tourists. However, Dubai, the city of attractions, has always been a global hub for people.

During the pandemic, the UAE Government introduced several safety establishments for tourism to follow, such as the ‘Dubai Assured’ stamp, the ‘Go Safe’ certification program, and mandatory PCR tests for all staff and passengers, to ensure a safe experience.

After remaining shut for a few months, the city opened its doors again, welcoming its enthusiastic guests. This was a perfectly opportune moment for ProPakistani to visit the grand city and see all its iconic landmarks.

Accepting the gracious offer made by Emirates Airline, I, on behalf of ProPakistani, flew to Dubai. The timing of my visit couldn’t have been more perfect as I got to experience two of the major events happening in Dubai that had attracted a mass of people from all over the world to this great city.

With the T20 World Cup and Dubai Expo 2020 happening side by side, I was beyond thrilled to take this trip.

Up in the Sky with Emirates

My journey to Dubai was the most comfortable one I have ever experienced, thanks to the award-winning service of Emirates. As I boarded and entered the Business Class cabin, I was overwhelmed with the amount of luxury and comfort provided for each passenger.

All safety precautions were kept in check and everyone on board was provided with their own sets of masks and hand sanitizers.

There was absolutely no room for boredom during the flight due to the wide selection of entertainment channels including the latest films, news, television, music, and even live sporting events.

Each passenger was served snacks and soft drinks of their own choice.

What I enjoyed the most was the onboard cuisine which was nothing short of a fine-dining experience. There was a good variety of healthy and scrumptious food to choose from, which was served on demand.

Before my flight was over, I stretched out a little on the flatbed and took a snug nap to energize myself. Thanks to their considerate and cooperative crew, Emirates provided a completely cozy and homely feel throughout the whole flight.

To drop me off at my hotel, I was provided with Emirates’ complimentary chauffeur service, which comes with the whole package for every Business Class passenger.

The Thrill of a Win

As I entered the Dubai International Cricket Stadium after freshening up a bit, the enthusiastic vibe of the crowd elevated my spirits.

Watching the Pakistan versus Afghanistan match was a wholesome experience in itself. Passionate as we are when it comes to cricket, the crowd supporting Pakistan was a sight to behold with all their zeal and energy.

The supporters had high hopes for the Pakistani cricket team and they provided us with an outstanding play. The highs and lows that one goes through during a live match are indescribable.

One minute you are screaming with joy at the top of your lungs and the next moment you are biting your nails, hoping against hope that your team wins the match.

All throughout the match, the whole stadium was one unit rooting for their team to lead the match towards victory. I had an amazing time talking to some of my fellow Pakistani supporters about the game, the strategy, and the liveliness.

To my immense delight, Pakistan did win the match, which made the whole experience worth all the hype.

Go through my whole journey and experience the fantastic win with me, through this video: