Shahid Afridi Wins Hearts in Drought Hit Cholistan

Shahid Afridi Foundation has joined hands with the rescue department to help the people of Cholistan amid the water crisis. SAF has supplied 18,000 liters of water along with medical kits to people in Cholistan.

Shahid Afridi has stepped up to help the people of Cholistan who are suffering due to severe drought in the region. Lack of water and other facilities has created major problems for the inhabitants as the water resources are running dry.

Shahid Afridi told that Pakistan is the fifth most affected country by global warming. He said that the floods and droughts due to the melting of glaciers and lack of rains respectively are likely to cause catastrophes in the country.

Helping the people of Cholistan, Shahid Afridi expressed determination to continue the work in affected areas. He told that the SAF foundation has supplied 18,000 liters of water and it will not stop the aid as long as the people need it. He also appreciated efforts by the local administration.