10 Best Burger Places in Lahore That You Should Try

10 Best Burger Places in Lahore

Back in the day, having a good burger meant having something from KFC or McDonalds. In other words, burger scenes weren’t good at all. But good news, those days are long gone. Surprisingly, Lahore has great burgers now. And even more surprisingly, I took two days to list down the best beef burgers in Lahore. This article is specifically for beef lovers, so stay tuned.

Here’s a list of 10 best burger places we’ll be talking about:  

Restaurants Numbers Price range
1.Pablo’s0333 5883739 500-700
2.Home-grown0304 8888630 600-800
3.Ministry of Burgers0335 5099907 600-800
4.Burger Lab(042) 111 112 522 500-800
5.Babloo’z0301 2225669 300-400
6.Rina’s Kitchenette0323 2222505 800-1200
7.Daily Deli Co.0311 1132459 300-500
8.Johnny & Jugnu0311 1333363 400-600
9.Howdy0310 4448801 600-800
10.Melt0309 2235456

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1. Pablo’s

I think everybody already knows that Pablo’s serves the best beef burgers in Lahore. The price is reasonable given how amazing the burger is. Molten lava (In beef) is to die for. It costs around PKR 695. If you want to try something lighter, you can go for Thick beef burger that costs around PKR 485.

2. Home-Grown

Customizing burgers wasn’t really a thing until home-grown started this trend. And that’s not even the best part. You can choose between white and bran buns, and juicy beef patty, or grilled mouth-watering chicken. Jalapeno makes the cut for me so I’d recommend that you try their chargrilled beef with Jalapeno sauce. It costs around PKR 350.

3. Ministry of Burgers

Ministry of burgers serves the softest, juiciest, and yummiest burgers. Their burgers are gigantic, unlike the normal burgers we have. The place is always packed so I’d recommend that you get it delivered. Their Hunger Beef is the best since the patty is extremely soft, juicy and saucy. It costs around PKR 650.

4. Burger Lab

Burger lab serves the best beef burgers in Lahore. With a huge variety to choose from, you can go Old Skool or Whacky, or even go for the simplest of their burgers. My personal favorite is a big bang that comes in beef and costs around PKR 560.

5. Bablooz’s

Babloo’z Classic Beef’er is probably the best when it comes to classic burgers. Although Bablooz’s has a small sitting space, it doesn’t stop you from going there. Like all regular burgers, it has onions, lettuce and tomatoes but it’s their secret sauce that makes all the difference. It costs around PKR 570.

6. Rina’s Kitchenette

How could I not include Rina’s Kitchenette in the list? It serves the most amazing food in Lahore. All items are sinfully cheesy and ambrosial. Rina’s is relatively expensive but totally worth the money. Their burgers cost around PKR 750 or more.

7. Daily Deli co.

If you want to try something cheesy, DDC’s Classic beef cheeseburger can save the day. It’s dipped in cheese and makes you crave for more. It comes in both chicken and beef. It costs around PKR 600.

8. Johnny and Jugnu

Do you ever wonder why you keep choosing JJs over every other burger? Well, it’s because it has multiple outlets in different areas of Lahore and is light on the pocket. It’s hard to pick a favorite but Wehshi Zinger burger is my go-to. If I had a word for this burger, it’d be savage because hands-down, it’s the best zinger burger I have had in my entire life. It costs around PKR 420.

9. Howdy

When we talk about burgers, howdy is certainly a name that comes to mind. Howdy is famous for their signature burger, Son of a bun. It’s a double steak patty beef burger with melted cheese and a turkey strip, that is guaranteed to blow away your mind with flavors. The burger costs around PKR 599.

10. Melt

Lastly, on this list we have Melt. Melt is a perfect place to hang out with your friends if you want to have a satisfying meal that not only fulfills you but also doesn’t compromises on the taste. Trip melt beef burger tops the list among others and its costs around PKR 750. 

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