Best shawarma places in Islamabad that you need to try out!

5 Best Shawarma Places In Islamabad

Shawarma is the food that gives us the strength to cope with the bad days in our life. It is literally the food for your soul. There are a number of different expectations that we have from quality shawarma. There must be a perfect balance of meat, salad, and creamy sauce and many of us keep seeking that perfect balance for the most part of our lives. If you live in Islamabad, I assure you that your search has now come to an end. We have compiled a list of the best shawarma places in Islamabad which are extremely affordable and will give you an authentic shawarma taste. Here are the 5 best shawarma places in Islamabad which are worth a try!

RestaurantsLocationPhone NumberAverage Price
1. Bait ShawarmaF-10 Markaz, Islamabad051 8468375500/-
2. The Syrian Shawarma GuysF-7 Markaz, Islamabad051 2655600450/-
3. Syrian ShawarmaF-10 Markaz, Islamabad0301 8888630600/-
4. Arz Lebanon RestaurantJinnah Super Market, Islamabad051 8733333550/-
5. Al-Beirut Lebanese CuisineF-10/4, Islamabad051 2606811550/-

1. Bait Shawarma

best shawarma places in Islamabad

Bait Shawarma, rightly named as the House of Shawarma will provide you with the most delightful shawarma experience. The serving size at this place will give you instant happiness even before you taste the food. The shawarma filling is the right balance of ingredients. In addition to the shawarma wraps, they also have some other interesting items on their menu like shawarma fries which are equally delicious.

There is no compromise on taste at Bait Shawarma. In addition to that, the place has a nice ambiance and is perfect to visit with family. The play area at Bait Shawarma makes this place ideal to visit with kids.

Timings: 1 pm – 1 am
Location: Unnamed Road, F-10 Markaz, Islamabad.

1. Shawarma: 340/-
2. Shawarma Platter; 390/-
3. Shawarma Fries; 280/-

2. The Syrian Shawarma Guys

The Syrian Shawarma Guys

No shawarma can taste good until the bread is professionally done and this is what makes The Syrian Shawarma Guys stand out. Not only is the filling of the shawarma mind-blowing but the bread is equally appetizing and will make it difficult for you to stop eating. There is attention to detail is what has helped them to win a large number of customers in the twin cities. If you live in Islamabad, you must try out The Syrian Shawarma Guys.

The taste of food and service is phenomenal. You can even get your food delivered to your home. Brace yourself for the most memorable experience.

Timings: 12 pm – 1 am
Location: Shop No. 5, Parking lot 12D Bhittai Rd, Islamabad.

1. Shish Taouk Shawarma; 450/-
2. Syrian Shawarma Sarookh; 450/-
3. Shish Loaded Fries; 450/-

3. Syrian Shawarma

Syrian Shawarma

Syrian Shawarma in Islamabad is known for its variety of shawarmas. The shawarma offered by this place has a Pakistani touch to it in terms of the ingredients and spices used and that’s what makes it special. Whether you go for chicken shawarma or beef shawarma, the meat is properly shredded and is mixed with sauces and vegetables.

The ambiance of the place is cool and calm however, there is not enough seating space. But the taste of the shawarma is totally worth the struggle so you must not miss out on this place.

Timings: 1 pm – 2 am
Location: Behind D Watson, next to Service shoes, F-10 Markaz, Islamabad.

1. Chicken Shish Taouk; 390/-
2. Beef Shawarma; 720/-
3. Chicken Shawarma; 390/-

4. Arz Lebanon Restaurant

Arz Lebanon Restaurant

If you are looking for a unique blend of Lebanese and Syrian food, Arz Lebanon Restaurant is the perfect stop for you. This restaurant offers everything from delicious appetizers, to soups, salads, and main course. Their wraps are certainly one of a kind and their shawarmas top the list. Arz Lebanon Restaurant serves beef and chicken shawarmas which are both hard to get over.

The restaurant has a unique vibe and a very cordial staff. Their service is always incredible, and the taste of food is just delicious. Arz Lebanon Restaurant will give you good value for money.

Timings: 10 am – 1 am
Location: Jinnah Super Market, College Rd, Islamabad.

1. Chicken Shawarma; 500/-
2. Meat Shawarma; 600/-

5. Al Beirut Lebanese Cuisine

Al Beirut Lebanese Cuisine

Are you a true fan of Arabic cuisine and are in a constant search for a restaurant that can deal with your cravings? Well, you have your answer right here. Al Beirut Lebanese Cuisine does not only serve the best shawarmas, but it is also very well known in Islamabad for fresh Arabic salads, hummus, and falafel. The wraps and shawarmas are available in such a huge variety that deciding your order will become a very difficult task for you.

The restaurant has a well-trained staff that prepares and serves the food very professionally. Along with that, Corona Virus SOPs are also very strictly followed at Al Beirut Lebanese Cuisine. This place is another must-visit for you!

Timings: 11 am – 3 am
Location: 2nd Floor, # 10, Millat Plaza, F 10/4, Islamabad.

1. Chicken Shawarma Wrap; 490/-
2. Beef Shawarma Wrap; 600/-
3. Chicken Shawarma Platter; 650/-

These are the best shawarma places in Islamabad that we recommend you to try out. Let us know which one of these places you have already tried and which one of them you are tempted to try out now!

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