Best Chicken Karahi In Lahore That You Need To Try!

5 Places For The Best Chicken Karahi In Lahore

Lahore has all sorts of foods to offer. Ranging from traditional, desi food to different cuisines, Lahori food is bound to please your tastebuds. There are countless eateries in Lahore, popular for serving high-quality and delicious food. Sometimes, the endless variety and options can be overwhelming. So, If you are in search of some really good chicken karahi places in Lahore, then you have come to the right place. This article mentions 5 restaurants in Lahore, popular for their taste and aroma. Moreover, these restaurants are sure to satisfy your cravings.

5 Restaurants with Best Chicken Karahi in Lahore

1.Butt KarahiLakshmi Chowk0335-4005826PKR 1500/-
2.Andaaz RestaurantBadshahi Mosque 0300-0263229PKR 2500/-
3.Poet RestaurantMinar-e-Pakistan0304-1112221PKR 1500/-
4.Haveli RestaurantBadshahi Mosque0321-4651051PKR 2000/-
5.Khan BabaNiaz View Sanda0322-4166266PKR 3000/-

1. Butt Karahi

best chicken karahi in Lahore

Butt Karahi, located on Lakshmi Chowk, is one of the best places to have chicken karahi in Lahore. It has earned its loyal patronage by serving high-quality authentic food that is a perfect treat to your tastebuds. Their chicken and mutton karahi is prepared in pure desi ghee that gives off a wonderful aroma. The chicken karahi served by this restaurant is one of a kind. Thus, the food, prepared with the perfect blend of spices, is wonderfully delicious and worth trying.

The restaurant offers a diverse menu including appetizers, karahi, BBQ, Handi, Pakistani cuisine, Fish, Rice, Hareesa, Takka Tak, Salad, hot & cold beverages, and desserts. It also offers an elaborate breakfast menu featuring nashta, puri-paratha-bread, nehari, tikki, and beverages. Moreover, you can dine-in at the restaurant or have the food delivered to your place. So, if you are looking for delicious chicken karahi in Lahore, then Butt Karahi is your place.

Timings: 12 pm – 3 am
Address: Gita Bhavan Building, Lakshmi Chowk, McLeod Rd, Royal Park, Lahore.

2. Andaaz Restaurant

best chicken karahi in Lahore

Andaaz Restaurant is situated on Fort Road, in the Shahi Mohallah Walled City of Lahore. The fine-dining restaurant serves only traditional Pakistani dishes. Even though the restaurant is expensive, the delicious food makes up for it. The restaurant has an open rooftop sitting area which offers a beautiful view of the Badshahi Mosque and Old Lahore.

The restaurant offers an exquisite menu consisting of all kinds of meat from chicken to beef to seafood. Staying true to their original flavors, many of the dishes have been modernized. Above all, their desi Murgh Karahi is popular for its flavor and taste. The chicken thighs are flash-fried in a wok with Lahori Karahi masala. Thus, the flavored karahis, made with fresh herbs and spices, are scrumptious enough to enrich your taste palate. Moreover, you can also host dinner parties at Andaaz Restaurant. Dining at Andaaz restaurant with its excellent food, amazing ambiance, and superb service is, overall, a memorable experience to have.

Timings: 5 pm – 12 am
Address: Fort Rd, Shahi Mohallah Walled City of Lahore.

3. Poet Restaurant Lahore

best chicken karahi in Lahore

Poet Restaurant, located in Greater Iqbal Park (Gate No. 3), provides finger-licking good food in a Mughlai ambiance. The restaurant is popular for serving traditional Pakistani food along with contemporary food. In addition to tasty food, the beautiful views of Minar-e-Pakistan, Badshahi Mosque, and Shahi Qila, all make dining at the Poet restaurant a memorable experience. The restaurant consists of indoor seating as well as patio and rooftop dining for its customers to enjoy the picturesque views.

The A La Carte Menu consists of mouth-watering delicacies that include appetizers, salads, BBQ, Chicken and Beef curries, biryani, pulao, tikka, karahi, beverages, and desserts. Some of the famous dishes include chicken kebabs, grilled ribs, chicken masala, chicken and mutton karahi served with chicken tikka chutney, and spicy tomato chutney. All these foods are flavored with traditional Pakistani spices and are served with tandoor baked bread. To sum up, owing to its top-notch ambiance, great food, and professional customer service, Poet Restaurant is a must-visit for everyone.

Timings: 5 pm – 12 am
Address: Minar-e-Pakistan, Greater Iqbal Park, Lahore.

4. Haveli Restaurant

Haveli Restaurant is one of those restaurants that is known to serve delicious, mouth-watering chicken karahi to the people of Lahore. Located in food street, the haveli restaurant serves delectable delicacies with a great view of the Badshahi Mosque. Moreover, the restaurant offers tasty ethnic and regional food prepared with fresh ingredients. Thus, the peaceful ambiance paired with the amazing view is a wonderful experience of its own.

The restaurant offers an extensive menu featuring starters, soups, appetizers, BBQ, platters, takka take, Handi, karahi Korner, Sajji, Khabay, Chinese cuisine, Continental cuisine, burgers, and much more. Furthermore, the karahi Korner has three types of delicious karahis. These include Batair karahi, desi murgh ki karahi, and Angara karahi. Among these, Desi Murgh ki karahi is popular among the Lahoris for its incredible taste and aroma. Overall, the Haveli restaurant has an incredible atmosphere, wonderful service, amazing food, and is situated in a great location.

Timings: 1 pm – 1am
Address: Food St Fort Rd, Shahi Mohallah Walled City of Lahore, Lahore.

5. Khan Baba Restaurant

Khan Baba Restaurant is a popular eatery in Lahore famous for its flavorful traditional dishes such as karahi, qorma, pulao, and minced meat-filled naan. The restaurant offers casual dining in a peaceful environment. Also, If you are looking for traditional Pakistani dishes then you should definitely visit Khana Baba Restaurant.

The restaurant has an extensive menu consisting of traditional dishes, Karahi, Nashta, BBQ, Beverages, Tandoor, Salad, and desserts. Some of their famous dishes include Mutton Karahi, Chicken Karahi, Mutton champ, chicken tikka, and minced meat naan. Most importantly, many of the dishes are prepared in desi ghee which adds more flavor and taste. However, all this does not come cheap as the restaurant is considered a bit expensive. Nevertheless, Khan baba Restaurant has everything you require to satisfy your desi food cravings.

Timings: 11:30 am – 11 pm
Address: Lower Mall, Niaz View Sanda, Lahore.

These are our recommendations for the best chicken karahi in Lahore. Popular for their taste and aroma, these dishes are bound to satisfy your desi cravings. Also, do give us your feedback and we will make sure to keep upgrading our articles.

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