Measuring cups and spoons details for beginners. Choose the right options

All You Need to Know About Measuring Cups & Spoons

During the pandemic, one thing that we all went through was the “chef phase”. We barely had anything better to do. During this phase, we have all had our bad experiences and some pretty good experiences as well when the recipes we tried turned out really well. Measuring cups and spoons have been making life easier for noobs for a very long time now. These tools are a blessing that we should all be grateful for because trust me your ‘andaza’ is not nearly as good as your mom and I will suggest you not go for it because it will kill that self-confidence that you built before going into the kitchen.

measuring cups and spoons

Importance of measuring tools

A lot of people classify baking and cooking as an art but it’s more of a science. Perfectly measuring your ingredients is as important as any other step and for that, you need the proper equipment. Even if you are an experienced chef, measuring tools are a must because you need to ensure that your recipe is easy to replicate. Measuring spoons and cups not only make the cooking and baking process easier but also make it much quicker. All in all, these tools ensure convenience.

If you are a beginner, choosing the right tools might be a challenge as you will be confused due to the types of baking and cooking equipment that are available in stores.

Types of measuring spoons and cups

The measuring cups and spoons range in price and hence going for a cheap set of measuring spoons and cups might not be a good choice as the quality will definitely be compromised.

1.  Glass 

The glass measuring cups and spoons are potentially the best option that you can go for. They are higher in price as compared to the other types of measuring equipment. But these tools are definitely worth it as they are easy to clean, and they do not absorb any color and odor from the ingredients that you are measuring. Moreover, the glass equipment is not prone to rusting so it can definitely increase the life of the product.

One big drawback of the glass measuring spoons and cups is that they can easily break when they are dropped. Also, you’ll have to ensure that you prevent your equipment from getting a thermal shock as it can lead to instant shattering of glass. But if you can handle your equipment right and are able to keep it out of the reach of children, you should definitely go for this option. You won’t regret it!


2. Metal

Metal measuring spoons and cups are the most common type of cooking and baking tools. These types of tools are considered to be fairly durable as there is almost no chance of damage or breaking. The markings on the metal measuring cups are not printed and are usually etched. This reduces the chance of the wrong measurement and hence, inconvenience. The etched markings will never fade so you will not have to change your measuring toolset due to excessive washing or disappearing of the marks.

Metal measuring spoons and cups also come with a disadvantage as they are prone to rust. Most of these tools are made by welding or soldering two different types of metals which results in easy scraping and scratching, ultimately leading to rusting. If you are using a metal measuring spoons and tools, be sure to clean them regularly.


3. Plastic

Plastic spoons and cups are the cheapest options that you can go for. Rough handling or misuse will not destroy plastic tools. They are very durable if they are not subjected to extreme stress. The plastic measuring spoons and cups, however, tend to absorb the color and odor of the ingredients. Moreover, under high temperatures, these cups can easily melt. One major downside is that the readings will eventually fade, and you will have to buy a new set.


Measuring cups for dry and liquid ingredients

While doing cup measurements, it is important that you have both dry ingredients measuring cups and the liquid ingredients measuring cups. Dry ingredients like sugar, flour, etc. are usually considered to be easy to measure and pour. However, proper measuring and pouring of liquid ingredients can be a challenge if you are a beginner. The liquid ingredients are usually measured by a one-unit cup that has different markings. This makes it easy to measure an accurate quantity of liquid.

dry and liquid

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