The Famous Street Food Of Kashmir That No One Knows About

Famous Street Foods Of Kashmir That No One Knows About

The scenic beauty of Kashmir attracts a multitude of tourists every day. But it’s not the only thing that attracts people. Kashmir is also known for its food and loving people. Kashmiri cuisine is unlike any other cuisine in the world and offers a variety of dishes that are hard to get anywhere else. Even though Kashmir is known for its wonderful cuisine, its street food is equally pleasing and mouth-watering. Hence, this article mentions some of the famous and popular street foods of Kashmir that people rarely know about. So, let us take you through the streets of Kashmir, discovering the different, local flavors and snacks of Kashmir.

1. Nadir Monje

Street food Kashmir

These are deep-fried lotus stem fritters and crunchy street foods of Kashmir. Nadir is the other name for lotus stem and Nadir Monje are fritters made from these lotus stems. The lotus stems are cut into fries-like shapes, which are dipped in a gram flour batter and then deep-fried in oil. Because lotus stems have a hard texture, these are boiled before deep-frying. In other words, these are Kashmir’s popular French Fries. Moreover, you can enjoy it with walnut chutney that’s much more prominent in Kashmir.

2. Monji Gaade

Street food Kashmir

If you love seafood, especially fish, then this Kashmiri delight is something you’re missing out on. Monji Gaade is a popular street food of Kashmir. The fish snack is prepared by dipping fish in rice flour and besan, then adding a pinch of salt, spices, and color to it. The battered fish is then deep-fried and enjoyed while it’s hot. In short, it is the perfect snack for every fish lover out there.

3. Halve-Parathe

Street food Kashmir

As the name indicates ‘Halve-Parathe’ comprises of two parts. The first one, Halwa, is a sweet delight made of Semolina or Suji garnished with roasted nuts. Whereas, the Parathe is made out of flour that is deep-fried instead of being prepared on a girdle. This may seem pretty normal, but here comes the twist. The soft-fried roti/paratha is at least 3ft in diameter. Halve-Parathe is sweet and must be eaten hot and Kashmiris usually enjoy this delicacy with sweet or salty chai. All in all, this combo is a treat in itself, making it a must-try for everyone.

4. Khandde Gazir

Khandde Gazir are colorful sweet sticks that have refined flour, sugar, and cardamom powder as the main ingredients. These delightful cadies are made of flour dough and ghee, which are then dipped in sugar syrup. Most importantly, these traditional crispy snacks are equally loved by children and adults.

5. Masale Tchot

Street food Kashmir

Masale Tchot, commonly called Kashmiri Wrap, is quite popular in Kashmir. It’s a Kashmiri version of tacos and you can often spot vendors selling it outside schools and other institutes. It’s made of all-purpose flour and is wrapped around a stuffing of cooked white dry peas with a spicy radish chutney (mujj chetin). Every bite of this flavored chickpea-filled Kashmiri Wrap speaks of heavenly taste. And most importantly, on top of being delicious, this street food is really healthy as well.

6. Lal Shangram

Street food Kashmir

Lal Shangram is yet another popular street food in Kashmir. These dried halwa balls are sweet in taste. The main ingredients of this sugary delight include refined flour, sooji, sugar, ghee, and milk. These ingredients are combined to form balls that are then deep-fried in ghee. Moreover, Kashmiris enjoy these sweet mouth-melting halwa balls with Kahwa or tea.

7. Basrakh

Basrakh has been an important part of Kashmir’s special occasions for a long time. It’s a delicacy made from flour and sugar. The ingredients are mixed to make a hollow composition. After acquiring the shape, it is deep-fried in ghee. Sometimes, people add dry fruits or khoa to make it more tempting and attractive for customers. Everyone loves these snowball-styled sugar balls. It leaves the mouth with an aftertaste that makes you crave for more.

8. Tyil Karre

Tyill Karre, similar to Nadir Monje, Mondi Gaande, and Masale Tchot is a famous snack in Kashmir. These are very much similar to french fries but instead of potatoes, Tyil Karre is made of peas. This makes it a popular side variant for people who do not like potato or naduru (nelumbo) fries. Moreover, Tyil Karre are healthy, delicious, and tempting.

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