Pizza Hut Pakistan Removed Mushrooms and Olives From Their Menu

Pizza Hut Pakistan Removed Mushrooms and Olives From Their Menu


Pizza Hut Pakistan has decided to remove mushrooms and Olives from their menu as pizza toppings. This shocking news was revealed through a tweet and people can’t stop asking “why”. We can all agree that Olives and Mushrooms are the basic essentials for a pizza. Among all the other toppings, these two are a must that brings more flavor to the pizza. In other words, olives and mushrooms have the same value for pizza as what chocolate ganache has for a cake.

Anyhow, the news of Pizza Hut permanently removing Olives and mushrooms from their menu came to light when a Twitterati tweeted that his friend had received a pizza without any mushrooms or olives. Upon taking his complaint to Customer Service, he was told that Pizza hut had removed these from their menu. He shared his story on Twitter while tagging Pizza Hut Pakistan to confirm if this was true or not.

3 days ago Pizza Hut sent my friend a pizza with no mushrooms or olives. My friend called to complain and the customer service dude said sir hum mushrooms aur olives ab hamaray meny main mention hi nehi hain aap dekh lete.

Replying to the tweet, Pizza Hut Chain said:

We are always listening closely to our customers. Customers like you will make us better with your feedback. We will work harder and improve ourselves. Hope that your next experience will be much better…Do order from us soon!

This caused confusion among the netizens and having asked again, Pizza Hut replied with a clear answer:

We’ve removed them.

People’s reaction on This Unusual act

Knowing what value Mushrooms and Olives hold to a pizza, people couldn’t help but be disappointed with this decision. Someone even suggested Pizza Hut to remove their dough and cheese next, while casually pointing out that these removed toppings are an absolute necessity for a pizza to be delicious.


Can you remove cheese and dough next?

Someone else called it a “blasphemous” act:

What is this behavior,@PizzaHutPak? No olives or mushrooms on a pizza? That’s the equivalent of removing onions and tomatoes from desi dishes.

Pizza Hut sympathizes with everyone and consoles us by saying that life surely goes on and that we should keep on trying new things in life.

Omz, life goes on…You gotta try other things!

So what are your thoughts on this unusual act? Do you agree or disagree with Pizza hut on removing these toppings from their menu permanently? Do let us know how this makes you feel in the comment section below.

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