Paya Recipe | How to cook Paya at Home

Paya Recipe | How to cook Paya at Home

The lip-smacking winter food! The chilly weather, and the hot enchanting Paye or as we burgers call it, Beef Trotters Gravy. OMG! Literally, nothing beats Paye. But sadly, they aren’t easy to make. It’s not the recipe that is hard. It’s just that it takes a lot of time.

The best Paye has a perfect balance of spice, tenderness, and softness. This whole process takes more than 8 hours. Usually, all chefs and cooks use tomatoes for making the gravy but my recipe has been passed down by my grandmother and it does not use tomatoes at all. Regardless, the recipe is killer and you will be missing out on the best recipe if you aren’t trying the one I have mentioned in this article.

It’s best that you serve Paye with all the best lawazmaat (Green chilies, Julienne Cut Ginger, Fresh Chopped Cilantro, and Lemon wedges) and of course, Paye’s best friend, Naan.

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