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Top 5 Outdoor Places for Iftar in Islamabad  

Spring is here. Well, kind of. It’s that time of the year when the weather makes everything so much better. I think the best part about living in Islamabad is its weather. Even when it’s sunny, it’s pleasant. And when it’s raining, Oh God, it’s magical.

With outdoor dining now open in Islamabad, you can enjoy various iftaar deals that will make your Ramadan very special. This article aims to list down the 5 best outdoor restaurants where you can avail amazing iftaar deals.

1. Monal:

I have deduced that Monal can never disappoint you and there is no way anyone can change my mind. Monal has been offering the best iftaar as well as sehar deals. Is there any combo better than Islamabad’s majestic view and Monal’s marvelous buffet? I don’t think so. You can choose between desi and continental.

Sehri buffet is PKR 1095 plus taxes. Iftaar buffet is PKR 1695 plus tax for Pakistani/Continental and PKR 1795 plus tax for Italian French – Mediterranean Iftar Buffet. Prices are a bit higher than regular iftaar deals but the overall experience makes it worth it.

2. Entrecote:

I don’t think Entrecote gets enough credit for the amazing food they offer. Recently, they changed their outdoor setup and changed it into a very comfortable and cozy arrangement. They offer amazing Pakistani, Arabic, and Continental platters for iftaar.

You can either choose a platter for yourself or opt for the live-cooking station that serves you food live from the station. Iftaar buffet is PKR 1400 plus tax whereas the Sehri buffet is PKR 950 plus tax.

3. Robert’s Coffee:

Although it hasn’t been long since Robert’s Coffee came to Islamabad but it has been successful in making it to the best restaurants list in Islamabad. With a huge variety of salads, desserts, burgers, and pasta to choose from, your iftaar will get exciting.

And with its magical outdoor arrangement, you will forget about all your worries and will focus on having a great time. It does not offer sehri deals like most restaurants but its killer iftaar deals makes up for everything. It costs around PKR 1199 (inclusive of tax).

4. Mindanos:

Located in F-6 Islamabad, Mindanos offers the best food in all categories. The best part about Mindanos is its super cute outdoor terrace. The whole setup is super cute and cozy.

It’s one of the best places to throw an iftaar party for your friends. The staff is friendly and makes sure you have a lovely time. Iftaar deal includes a platter for two followed by a main course meal. The platter costs around PKR 1400.

5. La Montana:

Located right next to Monal, La Montana also offers the best food with a great view. Not only that it is slightly light on the pocket but also you won’t have to compromise on the panoramic view of Islamabad.

The Pakistani iftaar buffet is PKR 945 plus tax whereas the continental iftaar buffet is PKR 1345 plus tax.  It has more than 10 types of desserts and also serves the finest of food.


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