Best DIY Nail Designs For Eid 2022

Get to know the latest trends in nail art

From various twists on French manicures to DIY rainbow nails to velvety nails, there’s something in store for every vibe, mood, and style in different nail shapes this Eid. Whether you plan on spending an afternoon at your nearest salon or you’d rather walk the DIY route, scroll down for the best nail designs of 2022 so far. Experiment with different lengths, shapes, and colors. Think outside the box and wear nails that make you happy. Below are some of the best DIY nail designs that are in trend these days.

Some Suggestions you can Try:

  • Velvet Tips

Velvet nails took the world of glamour by storm when they were first introduced, but the festivities aren’t over just yet. Tone down this mesmerizing style by keeping the glitter to the tips.

  • Chequered Nails 

Colorful checkerboards are having their moment in fashion. Keep it just on your tips or over your entire nail in two colors or more, have it your way.

  • French Manicure

The French manicure is never out of fashion and there are a ton of different ways to wear it. Inspire as you like!

  • Enigmatic Hands 

For a unique nail experience, try different colored nail designs on each hand. Make it even cooler with very of-the-moment shades like lilac and lime-green.

  • Pastel Swirls 

A mere look at this metallic, pastel, ombré collision will make you feel calmer. The best part is they’re quick and straightforward, so it’s super easy to get the same look at home.

  • Black and White Flowers 

White and black nail designs are so appealing and cool, especially when paired with something traditionally feminine like flowers.

  • Soft Rainbows

Manicured rainbow nails with a different shade on each nail has been trending for the past two years. Update it for Eid 2022 with a light color palette.

  • Graphic Edges 

Some empty spaces within your nails will always remain in style. Make graphic black and gold your statement this Eid.

  • Butterflies

Is there anything cuter than these butterfly decals? Pair them with a French manicure and you’re all set. Good luck!

Best DIY Nail Designs in Pictures

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Written by Amna Hamid

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