3 Million Rupees: Public Criticize Sindh Police For ‘Wasting’ Taxpayers’ Money on Dua Zehra Case

Neitzens have had enough of Dua Zehra after finding out that the Sindh Police has spent over 3 million rupees on her alleged kidnapping.

For the past few months, the Dua Zehra saga has gripped the entire nation. The sudden disappearance of a young girl in April had everyone worried. People, including celebrities, were up in arms, demanding Sindh Police to take action over the alleged kidnapping. However, as it turns out, the case is of a girl running away from home. Dua went to Lahore to marry a guy, Zaheer Ahmed, against her parents’ wishes.

The case of Dua has turned into a media circus, with both Sindh and Punjab police as well as their respective courts heavily involved in the proceedings. Police had to transport Dua regularly between the two provinces for court hearings. Not only that, the investigation staff had to commute between Sindh and Punjab as well.

The commute and resources used in the Dua Zehra case has taken its toll on the Sindh Police. According to reports, the Sindh Police has spent more than 3 million rupees so far on the case!

Given the current economic climate, the public is upset with this expenditure of the tax payers’ money. People took to social media to criticize the Sindh Police and attack Dua for creating such a fiasco.

What do you think about the 3 million rupee expenditure of Sindh Police for the Dua Zehra case? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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