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Moammar Rana’s Daughter is All Grown Up [Pictures]

Check out her pictures.

Rea Rana - Moamar Rana daughter

Celebrity babies eventually follow their parents into the limelight soon after they grow up, and Moammar Rana’s daughter Rea Rana is no different. Rea proves that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

While she may have the looks of an actor much like her father, Rea Rana opted for a different track in the biz. She’s a make-up artist and is already giving us major makeover roles.


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The Azaad actor’s little girl is all grown up. In fact, she’s moved on to her own career as a fashion and makeup influencer.

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❤️After the successful launch of fragrances in April, @khaadi is excited to share its journey into the world of Beauty with the launch of three ranges Soaking Sensation (focuses on moisturisation and hydration of the skin), Pure Intentions (focuses on cleansing and exfoliating the skin) and Tressed up (hair product range that nourishes and conditions) The mask I used here is their chocolate & orange max and I am in love with it! My skin has been dry and dull because I’ve been travelling and I’m overworked but it instantly made my skin fresh and bright! The hand & nail cream also made my hands baby soft and SMELLS LIKE HEAVEN! ❤️It offers a wide range of natural ingredient based products that cater to varying skin and hair types. All products are free of parabens, sulphates, silicones, mineral oils and have not been tested on animals. I’m so happy to have been a part of this campaign! These products will be available in select Khaadi stories on 19th July onwards. The most amazing part is that the Price range is max up to Rs. 1000! Go grab them now 😍

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Besides her workshops, Moammar Rana’s daughter even reviews products like most beauty influencers.

The certified makeup artist’s Instagram makes it clear who her inspiration is. Right down to the vampire facials, she’s jumped that Kardashian bandwagon too.

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💉DERMAPEN💉 This is my 3rd session of PRP/Microneedling with @dr.obt and if you guys think my skin is in a bad state at the moment then I’m gonna show you all how it was before I started my treatment very soon! After 3 sessions of PRP & microneedling, hydra facial, carbon spectra laser and chemical peels it’s safe to say that I’m 80% acne/acne scars free and I never ever thought they’d be cured but Dr.Obt is the BEST at what he does. And no it doesn’t pain as much as it looks at ALL 😆 PRP in other words is also called the famous hollywood #VampireFacial. They put on a numbing cream for 30 mins which is DAMN good because I hardly feel any pain after it, they take out your own blood and mix it with prp, then they use the dermapen to dent your skin and further on spray your PRP into the skin (they don’t inject it, they spray it). This is the best treatment possible for acne scars, pitted scars, open pores, pigmentation and discolouration of skin. Also best for rejuvenating the skin. I’ve been to numerous of dermatologist for my skin but @dr.obt made this possible for me when no one else did ❤️

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Besides sharing her parent’s star power, Moammar Rana’s daughter also seems pretty close to the fam.

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Caption this🤣

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