‘Sitam’ Presents Another Case of ‘Watta Satta’ [Videos]

As Ramzan dramas wrap up by the end of Eid, we can look forward to new drama serials on screen. One such drama is ‘Sitam‘.

Starring Muhammad Usama, Nawal Saeed, Momal Khalid, and Saad Qureshi in central roles, are we looking at another love triangle gone square. Based on the trailers we’re looking at another case of ‘watta satta‘.


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An arranged marriage where a family exchanges a daughter for a daughter. While marrying off their daughter to a household, they also bring in their daughter-in-law from the same household.

Historically the purpose of this marriage agreement is to provide both parties leverage over the other. A threat to one’s daughter is retaliated with by a threat to one’s daughter-in-law.

We see that Muhammad Usama and Nawal Saeed’s characters are forced into this arrangement despite being in a relationship with someone else.

Perhaps it’s that resentment of being forced into a marriage due to his sister that the male lead lashes out at his wife.

Rather than address his grievances with his family the character is emotionally and psychologically abusive towards the poor woman forced into the same situation as him.

Meanwhile, Momal Khalid and Saad Qureshi’s characters ended up being collateral to Nawal Saeed and Muhammad Usama’s character.

The rest of the Sitam cast includes Azra Mohyeddin, Laila Wasti, Afraaz Rasool, Kiran Tabeer, Ayesha Khan, Areej Chaudhary, Usman Javed, Areesha, Marie, Talia Jan, Sara Malik, Ayaz Mughal, Farhaad Riaz, Imran Baloch, Saba Shehzadi, Salma, etc.

Sitam is a Hum TV drama produced under the banners of Momina Duraid Productions & Gold Bridge Media Productions.


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Penned by Rizwan Ahmed and directed by Kamran Akbar, the drama serial is set to hit screens soon. How do you feel about another drama serial about ‘watta satta‘.

Have you guys seen the trailers of the drama serial Sitam? Did it intrigue you too? Want to add something to the story? Feel free to share your views with us!

Written by Ummara Sheraz

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