Speed (Mbps)


Data (GBs)

Rs. 2500


FiberLink provides Unlimited internet volume @50 mbps speed from 9:00am in the morning to 2:30am midnight and gives double the speed @100 mbps from 2:30am midnight to 9:00 am in the morning in just Rs.2500(exclusive of taxes).


You can subscriber to FiberLink internet by calling them using their 24/7 active help line at Phone: 111-456-123 or by visiting their website via www.fiberlink.net.pk

Terms & Conditions

All the package prices mentioned above are exclusive of taxes


  1. Calling there helpline since an hour but no one is picking the call, saying “Tamam numainday customers ki rehnumayee mein masroof hain”…..

  2. This is my die hard recommendation, not to get this connection. Instead I would recommend go for Gemnet or StormFiber.

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