Speed (Mbps)


Data (GBs)

Rs. 6899

Excluding Taxes.


Optix hyper boost 60 mbps internet package provides triple play services along with unlimited internet volume @60 Mbps internet speed in just Rs.6,899(excluding tax) for a whole month.

The subscriber to this internet package will be provided with the liberty to choose between three add-ons services alongside the basic internet packages.

These add-ons services include phone, TV & static IP for rupees 150, 200 and 1000 per month respectively.

The one-time installation charges of Rs.4999 for the internet, Rs.1000 for TV (with first month free) & Rs.4500 have to be paid on the time of installation.

The single play package that only includes basic internet connection will have 60 Mbps internet speed in just Rs.6,599 per month


You can subscriber to Optix internet by calling them using their 24/7 active help line at Phone: (021-111-1-OPTIX (67849) or +92344-9467849 and by visiting their website via https://www.optix.pk/

Terms & Conditions

All the prices listed above are exclusive of taxes The subscriber to Optix Television will have the first month absolutely free

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