Cosmopolitan - karachi,
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Annual Fee
Issuance Fee
Supplementary Fee
Chip Maintenance Fee
SMS Alert Fee
Cash Withdrawal Fee
Foreign Transaction Fee
Late Payment Charges
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– Applicable across Pakistan with massive discounts

– ATM withdrawal limit of Rs 50,000

– Up to Rs 50,000/day POS payments

– Up to Rs 250,000 daily transfer limit


– Card activation gets you 50 bonus points

– Spend Rs 25 and earn 0.25 points

– No deposit/income  requirement

– Tailored for those looking for a higher fund transfer limit

To Apply

Salaried Person:
– You must be 21-60 years of age
– You will be asked to submit employment proof (salary slip, letter from employer), bank statement and CNIC

Self-Employed / Businessmen:
– You must be 21-65 years of age
– Proof of business and CNIC are needed to apply