Gaza to Loose International Communications

gaza-map_1Paltel Group, the provider of fixed and mobile telecommunications in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, has warned that Gaza could be disconnected from the outside world as a result of the Israeli air strikes and ground assault in Gaza.

Paltel operates several channels for connecting the Gaza Strip with the outside world, however only one alternative is still functioning as all other means have been damaged, the operator said in a statement. Meanwhile, services have been disrupted due to the lack of electricity in Gaza and the inability of maintenance teams to reach infrastructure sites and refill the main power generators with fuel.

Currently, 90 percent of the mobile service network is down, in addition to a “huge” number of fixed lines, either due to direct damage or because of the loss of electricity. The company has lost three technicians in the attacks, several technicians were injured during their efforts to repair some damages, and numerous switchboards, mobile masts and transmission alternatives were totally damaged and destroyed in air raids and the ground attack.

Paltel said it is doing everything possible to keep services functioning in the Gaza Strip at minimum capacity. In next few hours, Satellite Communication will become only source for communication with outside world.

Via: TelecomPaper

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