Jazz Internet Packages

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Jazz Daily Internet Packages

In this fast world of technology and media, internet indeed has become the necessity of every person. Being one of the most widely used networks in Pakistan, Jazz brings new and exciting daily internet packages in affordable prices. Jazz brings ‘Jazz Daily Social Bundle’ for Facebook and WhatsApp use only, offering 30 MBs internet (3G/4G) per day; to subscribe this offer dial *114*5#.

Customers can now enjoy daily internet packages on low prices, especially with the ‘Daily Social Recursive Bundle’ which offers 200 MBs for Facebook and WhatsApp use; to avail this offer dial *455# (Bundle will renew automatically after every 24 hours).

‘Daily SMS+WhatsApp Package’ allows you to enjoy 10 MBs and 1800 SMS in a reasonable price by dialing *334#. There are a large number of other daily internet bundles which highlights the facilitation Jazz offers to its customers. Jazz Day Bundle, Karachi Daily Hybrid Bundle, Apna Sheher Package and LBC-KPK are other daily internet bundles with amazing services and low rates.

In short, Jazz is one of the biggest networks of the country, yet it always keeps an eye on the needs of its customers and this is one of the reasons why Jazz is growing fast and more than ever.

Package Name
Free MBs
Free On-Net Mins
Free Off-Net Mins
Free SMS
Jazz Free Facebook Unlimited -- -- -- 1 Day
Jazz Daily Social Recursive 200 -- -- -- 1 Day
Jazz Daily Social Bundle 500 -- -- -- 1 Day
Jazz Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle 10 -- -- 1800 1 Day
Jazz Day Bundle 20 10000 -- 150 1 Day
Apna Shehar Package (Selected Cities) 100 100000 -- 1500 1 Day
Karachi Daily Hybrid Package (For Khi Only) 100 100000 -- 1500 1 Day
LBC KPK (Selected Cities) 100 100000 -- 1500 1 Day
Jazz Daily Browser Offer 50 -- -- -- 1 Day
Jazz Free Music Bundle (Daily) 50 -- -- -- 1 Day
Jazz Har Din Package 50 500 -- -- 1 Day
Jazz Daily Data Bundle (Peak-Off Peak) 100 -- -- -- 1 Day

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

With the impressive internet bundles of Jazz, you can feel the digital world at your fingertips. The mind-blowing weekly internet offers will make you adore your Jazz network service even more. The exciting 4G SIM offer brings 400 Jazz/Warid minutes, 4000 SMS and 4 GB data for a whole week; to avail this offer dial *443*30# (the offer is valid for Jazz 4G users only). If you are not a Jazz 4G SIM user, hurry up and get one from your nearest franchise.

To enjoy the fast Jazz internet, you can use ‘Jazz Weekly Browser’ offer in just Rs.50 which offers 300 MBs of internet bundle for 7. To avail this offer, dial *117*3#; to check the bundle status dial *117*3*2#.

Jazz is all about ‘Dunya ko Bta Do’. It is one of the most best mobile network when it comes to 3G/4G services, it provides you with the fast speed of internet and offers the best internet packages.

With another ‘Weekly Extreme Offer’, Jazz customers can now enjoy the 2500 MBs of internet in low price for a week; to be a part of Jazz Extreme Offer family, dial 117*14#. Some other Jazz internet packages are ‘Jazz Haftawar Offer’, ‘Jazz Weekly Streamer Offer’ and ‘Jazz Haftawar All Rounder package (Selected Cities)’.

Package Name
Free MBs
Free On-Net Mins
Free Off-Net Mins
Free SMS
Jazz 4G Sim Offer 4000 400 -- 4000 7 Days
Jazz Weekly SMS Package 25 -- -- 1500 7 Days
Jazz Weekly WhatsApp Bundle 25 -- -- 1500 7 Days
Jazz Weekly Browser Offer 300 -- -- -- 7 Days
Jazz Weekly Social 5000 -- -- -- 7 Days
Jazz Weekly Extreme Offer 2500 -- -- -- 7 Days
Jazz Haftawar All Rounder Package (Selected Cities Only) 250 700 50 700 7 Days
Jazz Haftawar Offer 100 1000 -- 1000 7 Days
Jazz Free Music Bundle (Weekly) 350 -- -- -- 7 Days
Jazz Weekly Streamer Offer 1000 -- -- -- 7 Days
Jazz New SIM Offer 1500 1500 -- 1500 7 Days
Jazz Weekly Hybrid 500 1000 20 1000 7 Days
Haftawaar Internet 3G, 4G Package (Selected Cities) 2000 -- -- -- 7 Days
Jazz Weekly Premium 3G, 4G Package 3000 -- -- -- 7 Days
Jazz Weekly All Network Package 1000 1000 50 1000 7 Days
Jazz Weekly Mega 3G, 4G Package 5000 -- -- -- 7 Days
Jazz Weekly Super Duper Offer 3000 1500 50 1500 7 Days
Jazz Weekly Mega Plus Offer + FREE Jazz TV subscription 20000 -- -- -- 7 Days

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages

Jazz has announced the launch of 3G and LTE services for Warid and Jazz customers. Customers can now enjoy monthly internet bundles of Jazz in low prices and speedy access. Jazz is known for its internet services all around Pakistan, serving the needs of millions of Pakistanis throughout the country.

Jazz offers incredible monthly internet services to its customers. Whenever you reactivate your Jazz SIM, there’s a hidden surprise for you. Upon SIM reactivation, you can enjoy 1500 MBs along with 50 Jazz/Warid On-Net minutes and 1500 SMS. All you have to do is dial *551# to avail this exciting offer (this offer is applicable for limited time). Jazz brings an amazing monthly internet offer in just Rs.100 called the ‘Jazz Internet Monthly Extreme Offer’ using which the customers can now enjoy 5 GB of data for a month. In ‘Jazz Monthly Browser Package’, the customers can get amazing internet services at an affordable rate; get 2 GB data for a whole month and to avail this offer dial *117*77#. There are other monthly internet packages as well in which ‘Jazz Monthly Mega Offer’ and ‘Monthly 3G/4G Lite Packages’ are the most frequently used ones.

Package Name
Free MBs
Free On-Net Mins
Free Off-Net Mins
Free SMS
Jazz MBB Loyalty Offer 50000 -- -- -- 30 Days
Jazz Bundle Plus Offer 3000 -- -- -- 30 Days
Jazz Sim Lagao Offer 1500 3000 -- 3000 30 Days
Jazz Unlimited Monthly SMS Bundle 5000 -- -- 12000 30 Days
Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Bundle 5000 -- -- 12000 30 Days
Jazz Internet Monthly Extreme Offer 5000 -- -- -- 30 Days
Jazz Monthly Browser Package 4000 -- -- -- 30 Days
Jazz Monthly 3G / 4G Package (Lite) 3000 -- -- -- 30 Days
Jazz Supreme Hybrid Package (Selected Cities Only) 100 1000 100 1000 30 Days
Jazz Free Music Monthly Package 1500 -- -- -- 30 Days
Jazz Monthly Mega Offer 8000 -- -- -- 30 Days
Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle 1000 10000 -- 1000 30 Days
Jazz Monthly Super Duper 3000 3000 100 3000 30 Days
Jazz Monthly All Rounder Package 5000 -- 200 1500 30 Days
Jazz Super Duper Card 2000 2000 150 2000 30 Days
Jazz Monthly Mega Plus Offer 12000 -- -- -- 30 Days
Jazz Monthly Supreme Offer 20000 -- -- -- 30 Days
Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus Offer 8000 4000 200 4000 30 Days
Jazz Monthly Internet Basic Package - Device Only 15000 -- -- -- 30 Days
Jazz Super 4G Welcome Back Offer 50000 -- -- -- 30 Days
Monthly Internet Regular - Device Only 60000 -- -- -- 30 Days
Monthly Internet Heavy - Device Only 150000 -- -- -- 30 Days

Jazz Others Internet Packages

Jazz brings a number of other exciting internet bundles in low prices. Jazz believes in the mission of ‘costing less and availing more. Jazz is always known for its smooth services which have made Jazz the voice of every Pakistani. Jazz brings in some exciting internet offers time and again to keep the users interested.

Jazz brings you the ‘Jazz 3 Days Extreme Offer’ in which the customers will enjoy 500 MBs and 20 SMS; to avail this offer dial *114*14# and to check the bundle status dial *114*14*2#.  The internet bundles allow Jazz customers connect with the world at any time and at place. To be a part of ‘Jazz Hourly Extreme Bundle’, dial *846# and enjoy this fascinating offer.

Jazz has recently introduced internet packages of 3 and 6 months; in ‘3 Months Bundle Device’, customers can now enjoy 36 GB of internet for 3 three months and to subscribe this offer dial *117*15# and be a part of Jazz internet family.

Not just this, Jazz offers a number of other internet bundles based on the user preferences. No matter what you are looking for, Jazz has it for you.

Package Name
Free MBs
Free On-Net Mins
Free Off-Net Mins
Free SMS
Jazz Gold Super Advance Offer

Free Balance: 30

-- -- -- --
Jazz 3 Day Extreme Offer 500 -- -- -- 3 Days
Jazz Internet Hourly Extreme Offer 2000 -- -- -- 2 Hours
3 Months Bundle - Device Only 36000 -- -- -- 3 Months
6 Months Bundle - Device Only 75000 -- -- -- 6 Months

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Jazz has continued to provide high-quality internet services to its customers at affordable rates. The commitment they have is reflected through their offers. Now Jazz is offering its customers weekly internet packages on each of the 2G, 3G and 4G LTE. You can get 1500 MBs of the internet for 1 week by dialing subscription code *117*47# though “Weekly premium”. You will be charged Rs. 110 (tax Inc.) for this offer. You would need to have a recharged of almost Rs. 150 to avail this offer. Jazz is facilitating its diligent users by offering “Weekly Mega” offer. You can get double the data i.e. 3000 MBs for Rs. 160 (tax Inc.). By getting a recharge of Rs. 208 you can dial the code *159# to get this offer.

You want to subscribe to an internet offer and remain carefree for the rest of the month? Don’t worry Jazz has got you covered. With Jazz’s “Monthly Browser” offer you can achieve 2000 MBs for Rs. 160 (tax Inc.). The time limit is 30 days. The subscription code is *117*77# and recharge required would be almost Rs. 210. Jazz is providing its power users with a much needed “Monthly Mega Plus” package. You can get 7000 MBs at just Rs.500 (tax Inc.) for whole 30 days. The greater the price, the greater the taxes. For this offer, you would need to have a recharge of Rs. 650. The subscription code is *117*30#. Customers can get complete information by dialing *443# for prepaid internet menu and *446# for postpaid internet menu. You can get more information about various bundles and all Mobilink jazz packages.