ProPakistani is Pakistan's largest independent news publisher. A leader in technology and telecom, it lends the same expertise in its comprehensive coverage of business, the automotive industry, technology, startups, sports, and other news.


Aamir Attaa

Founder and Chairperson

Aamir Attaa has over ten years of experience in reporting, journalism, and breaking news in the tech and telecom sectors.

Aadil Shadman

Chief Content Officer

Aadil Shadman studied in the UK and joined ProPakistani in 2015. He is a crucial member of the core team that led ProPakistani’s explosive growth towards becoming the country's top digital publisher.

Akram Ali

Chief Sales Officer

Akram has been with ProPakistani since 2016 and leads the Business Development team and supports the day to day generation of revenue. He has a more strategic role in which he guides the sales processes.

Usman Yousuf

Director & Chairman Board of Directors

Usman Yousuf is a UAE-based entrepreneur, angel investor, and business advisor with business interests in Pakistan. He works closely with the London Stock Exchange Group in London and the Levant to prepare businesses for public offerings and private placements.

Shayan Mahmud

Director & Chief Brand Officer

Shayan Mahmud is the Managing Partner of Eikon7 – a multinational advertising agency focused on digital marketing that spans Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Pakistan.

Umayr Abbasi


Umayr Abbasi is a Managing Partner at APCO and has extensive experience in the real estate sector. He has worked in the sales and marketing divisions of multiple organizations in the UK.


Jehangir Nasir


Sajawal Rehman


Haamiz Ahmed


Aqeel Ahmed

Branded Content

Department Heads

Hasan Qazi


Jamil Arif

Client Services

Talha Iqbal


Arbab Hassan

Dev Ops

Muhammad Waqar



Haroon Hayder


Waleed Shah


Saad Nasir


Imad Ali Jan


Salman Ahmed



The government imposed a baffling 19.5% tax on internet users in 2015. ProPakistani led an industry-wide effort against the move resulting in the government withdrawing the tax within weeks.

Our 2016 analysis on the tragic PIA PK661 crash was cited by the Civil Aviation Authority in a hearing in the Parliament of Pakistan.

The idea to register all SIMs against CNIC cards and deactivate all others to was originally proposed in a 2012 opinion piece on ProPakistani.

Our 2016 report on the low quality of fuel in Pakistan spurred the government to urgently resolve the matter, ending up in the introduction of RON92 and higher fuel in Pakistan.

Our 2015 report was the catalyst for the PTA to address the issues of poor revenues, high taxation and regulatory hurdles in the telecom sector. we highlighted. PTA now plans on setting a price floor and has already obtained powers to regulate laws deemed anti-competitive.