CMPak and Huawei deploy Solar-powered BTS in AJK

cmpak_huawei_1Pakistani telecom operator, CMPak, has announced to launch its 1st Solar Powered Macro Base Station (BTS) with the collaboration of Huawei in Mirpur, AJK area. Huawei’s remote-controlled Solar-Power Macro BTS allows CMPAK to extend its network reach into un-served and remote areas having limited access to the electricity grid.

Mr. Xu Haiyong, CTO of CMPAK, while visiting the site, expressed: “Solar is one of new trends for energy, it is the only solution with almost zero OPEX as compared to traditional Diesel Generator, it is not only bring the TCO down of operation, but will also expand the service of mobile connection easily. In the solar site, we can not only observe the green power solution of new technology, but also find the sincere efforts of CMPak and Huawei to enrich people’s life, especially belongs to rural areas, such as AJK, through the communication services.”

“CMPak is committed to reduce power consumption and environmental impact of its telecoms equipment through technology innovation. We believe that with Huawei’s dedication to innovation in solar and GSM, we will be able to serve our customers with more advanced services in more area such as rural and mountain area.” Commented Mr. Arshad Usman, Director of Network Planning and Strategy from CMPAK.

To date, Huawei has introduced renewable energy solutions for mobile communication sites, such as solar solutions, solar & wind hybrid solutions, solar & diesel hybrid solutions. These environmentally-friendly solutions significantly reduce the total cost of ownership in the product life circle, optimizing energy efficiency, and bringing obvious benefits to operators. Huawei’s renewable energy solutions provide network coverage to remote areas of the globe, providing enjoyable communications to more people.


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