Effective Measure Endorsed as Digital Audience Measurement standard in Pakistan

Effective MeasureThe Pakistan Advertisers Society (PAS) has officially awarded Effective Measure as the industry endorsed service for digital audience measurement in Pakistan, said a release issued by the firm.

The recognition of the Effective Measure platform will give Pakistan’s advertising, publishing and digital media sectors a new level playing field to accurately assess, measure and develop their valuable digital assets.

PAS is the representative industry body of Pakistan’s advertising industry and its collective membership looks after the interests of 80 percent of the advertising spend of Pakistan.


The endorsement was awarded to Australian founded Effective Measure after a rigorous and thorough review process by the PAS Research Committee. Under PAS’s governing guidelines there will be a yearly independent audit of the service to ensure the reliability and validity of the data to ensure the highest levels of service.

“We have endorsed Effective Measure for their depth in service, technological expertise, global footprint and their guiding principles that will allow them to provide reliable and credible data to the industry” said PAS Executive Director Qamar Abbas.

Under the alliance Effective Measure will be working in collaboration with PAS to establish a world class digital audience measurement service for the Pakistan industry.

“The highest potential for media growth in the MEA region is on the digital platform, given the favourable youth skewed demographics and the strong uptake of Smartphones and tablets. Pakistan plays an important role in this swing to digital platforms and advertising spend. We are excited about bringing greater digital transparency and insight into markets in the MEA territories, which we believe will accelerate growth in digital spend and awareness amongst advertisers across the region,” said Effective Measure Regional Managing Director MEA, Brendon Ogilvy.

The Effective Measure solution benefits advertisers and media owners by offering superior access to audience reach and demographic data.

“The alliance gives the dynamic Pakistan media industry, choice and diversity in selecting the best of breed solutions for managing their digital media assets, advertising spend and placement. Additionally it opens the door to a whole new layer of rich data analytics and exploration of audience behaviour across multiple digital platforms,” said Effective Measure Country Manager – Pakistan, Imtiaz N. Mohammad.

PAS members will be instructed on how to take advantage of the new measurement resources that Effective Measure provides and details will follow on how digital publishers can sign‐up with Effective Measure and get their sites tagged free of charge.