Apple Removes Last Bitcoin Wallet App from the App Store


If you are a Bitcoin enthusiast with a will to carry your premium currency with you, situation is gonna turn a bit worrying for you. The reason for that is Apple’s lack of interest in the rising currency.

In the recent past, it had already been removing Bitcoin-trading applications from the App Store and on Wednesday, it took out the last one.

Blockchain, the last app removed from the store, has as a result wrote a debunking piece on its blog. The developers of the app think that the authoritarian nature moves like these show that the company, which was once run by rebellious geeks is now taken over by beancounters”.

“On Wednesday February 5th, Apple attempted to strike a devastating blow to the bitcoin ecosystem on iOS by removing “Blockchain”, the last remaining bitcoin wallet app, from the App Store,” the blogpost reads.

“Apple’s censorship of bitcoin applications, especially when view in the context of removing a 2 year app with 120,000 downloads is historic and unprecedented.”

It further says that the fear of competition from Bitcoin against Apple’s own payment method has led to these steps.

It also praises Google for letting developers post “hundreds of bitcoin-related applications” despite having its own payment method in “Google Wallets”.

“The response of users to the restrictions placed on bitcoin applications have led thousands to flee to Google’s Android mobile OS,” it reads.

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