Dots: The World’s First Braille Smartwatch for Visually Impaired People

Unarguably, the most impactful aspect of technology is how it assists the disabled people. From prosthetic limbs to simple voice-overs, if there’s anywhere where it is genuinely welcome, it is here.

So it is no surprise that we announce the first ever Braille smartwatch, called Dots made specifically for people with an impaired vision. Moreover, it can also perform most other functions as other smartwatches.

For starters, it comes with a rectangular display which emulates a braille with its dull pins which rise and compress to display at least four letters at once when the user places a finger on them. The speed of display letters is also modifiable.

dot braille smartwatch

Dots also features other functions, including an alarm, navigation system, messaging, reminders and Bluetooth 4.0 to connect with other devices. The design reminds us of fitness trackers, and has two physical buttons on the side.

Battery life is quoted at 10 hours. More-importantly, the watch also comes with the program to help users learn the braille language. While there are a lot of gadgets including Braille e-readers are available for purchase, gadgets like dots offer a cheaper and more personal experience for the visually impaired people.

Pricing is set at $300. The shipping date is not given but pre-orders will start later this year. And remember, this product might be the best gift you’ll ever gift anyone.

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