Open Source Summit Held in Islamabad

One day conference with the title Open Source Summit (OSS 15) held in Islamabad (HEC building) was aimed at advocating and promoting Open Source Technologies in Pakistan to reduce the import of paid licensed software that cost millions of dollars every year. The conference was organized by Open Source Foundation of Pakistan – a nonprofit organization based in Islamabad having network all over the country.

Higher Education Commission (HEC), Zong 4G networks, Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB), NADRA Technologies Limited (NTL), Nayatel and Plumgrid were the major sponsors of the event.

Conference was honored by Chairman HEC Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed , Deputy CEO Mr. Niaz A Malik, Mr.  Asim Hussain, MD PSEB, DG NADRA Technologies Saleem Rafique and many other prominent figures of the IT industry and Academia,  IT experts, entrepreneurs and young graduates of IT universities.

Open Source Summit aimed at gathering Pakistani leaders in the IT industry from all over the world, to come united at a platform to promote Open Technologies. The leaders of the industry shared their expertise and wisdom, shedding light on how to use and develop, Open Source technologies.

The chief guest of the event Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, Chairman HEC said that there is a need to develop an annual plan for the promotion and advocacy of the Open Source Technologies in Pakistan and we must measure our progress according to the target set in the annual plan. He emphasized on issuing a publication on the open source technologies from the platform of OSFP. He iterated that information, knowledge and success stories to be compiled and spread the importance of Open Source Technologies in the our lives. He offered to sponsor the first two years’ publication cost of from HEC. He also said that HEC on behalf of the universities of Pakistan is always available to extend all kinds of support to promote open source technologies in the country.

On the occasion of OSS15 Deputy CEO Zong Pakistan , Mr Niaz A Malik said the Zong always encourages entrepreneurship in the youth of Pakistan. He said that being a symbol of CPEC, Zong is investing more than 1 billion dollars in Pakistan. He said that Open Source has witnessed a paradigm shift in Pakistan, which has created a lot of opportunities for Pakistani youth to come forward and develop and distribute their own software.

Managing Director PSEB, Mr Asim Hussain shared that his organization is targeting an increase in the software exports of the country and is targeting a drastic decrease in the imports of licensed software.

He emphasized that his organization is always available to encourage Pakistani IT industry, IT graduates and other free lance software developers to come forward and join hands with his organization.

Bieng the chairperson of the OSS15 , Mr Saleem Rafique of Nadra Technologies Limited linked the opportunities arising from the CEPC and preparedness of IT industry of Pakistan to use the Open Source Technologies in the country. He threw light on the need of creating awareness and advocates the open source technologies in the country because “Future is Open”.

This summit envisions an exponential increase in the economy by using Open Platform and involving Industry, Academia, IT professionals, Entrepreneurs and Students and other relevant stake holders.  OSFP in collaboration with HEC shall initiate 3 projects, and in addition Health Care Industry proposed several initiatives as challenges to OSFP.  A house full of participants turned it as a very successful and informative Summit.

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