Skype Adds Video Filters and Support for 3D Touch

With rapid expansion by the competition from all sides, Skype suddenly finds itself in the middle of competitors such as Snapchat, Vine and Instagram and that doesn’t paint a pretty picture for the Microsoft subsidiary as it comes off as a rather vague and aging service.

To fight that image, the latest addition to the service are the new video message filters in a bid to “add more fun”. Video messaging is a service which allows you to share short clips with your Skype contacts for them to view anytime. They don’t even need to be online. And obviously they don’t expire either.

The new filters can be activated and previewed through the wand icon at the bottom, before recording your message. You can then add balloons to your video, change the appearance of your face to rounder or longer or use the negative filter to spook your friends. The possibilities are certainly there.

Skype-FiltersSkype has also added the ability to use 3D Touch on the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. On the Skype icon in the drawer, you can press hard to launch a series of options including starting a call/chat, launching the dialpad or searching the contacts.

Inside the app, you can press lightly to view a recent conversation, or tap harder to bring it in the foreground, or bring up a live video if you are on a call. You can also view images, location, links or contacts shared with you during a conversation.

Finally, you can hide or delete chats from your Recent Conversations by swiping or tapping Edit. You can also share contacts from within a conversation now.

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